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  • These different civilizations are like star clusters.
  • The Story of Extinct Civilizations of the East.
  • They are ancient civilizations with strange virtues buried like treasures.
  • But think of it: Two civilizations that matured along different lines!
  • True, great civilizations have been dwarfed or broken by the Change War.
  • There were great civilizations in Egypt, China, Assyria, and so on.

How To Use Civilizations In A Sentence?

  • All great civilizations have evolved from the habits and experiences of settled communities.
  • That is to say, she met everywhere civilizations old and technically her superior.
  • You could feel that here maybe a hundred civilizations had risen, and had sunk back into the dust.
  • Are the origins of the American civilizations to be sought in the Old World?
  • To the historian, folklorist, and student of primitive civilizations they are documents of the highest importance.
  • Germany, seeing in her own civilization only the appearance of modernism, has been inclined to regard all other civilizations as decadent.
  • Even before the war, however, the equilibrium thus established between old civilizations and new resources was being threatened.
  • The doctor bitterly inveighed against the Western civilizations because of their contempt for and ignorance of natural beauty.
  • In this matter, again, the records of ancient civilizations show the pains that were taken to fix these essentials of science.
  • And ancient roads come down from the Roman standard in a descending scale even as the civilizations which built them.
  • On the contrary, they were an innately gifted race, eager to learn and appreciative of the cultural gifts which older civilizations had to bestow.
  • The Brons and the Neeblings had saved the treasures from the warring civilizations of the world above.
  • It is easy then to understand that Egypt saw the birth of the most ancient of those civilizations whose plastic arts we propose to study.
  • Everything shows that the civilizations and religions of Mexico and Peru are autochthonous, springing from the soil itself.
  • In literature and in the arts comparison between the simplicity of primitive creations and the complexity of advanced civilizations has become commonplace.
  • These first civilizations were those which rose in Mesopotamia and the Nile valley some six or eight thousand years ago.
  • Constantinople sits on the dividing line between East and West, with the worst of both civilizations within her confines.
  • They point to the descent of past American civilizations from a past period of continental, or far more probably, of world-wide extent.
  • These civilizations of the old world, among which the Mesopotamian and the Nilotic were the earliest, were built on no unsound foundations.
  • They welded Italy together, and thereafter came into contact with the older, richer civilizations of the Mediterranean shores.
  • The untutored philosophers of primitive humanity and the learned philosophers of ancient civilizations alike strove to solve the sweet, elusive mystery surrounding the art.
  • By the time that Rome loomed large over the horizon of history, there were left for her to contend with only decaying civilizations and raw barbarism.

Definition of Civilizations

plural of civilization
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