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  • They were thinly clad when captured.
  • All the members appeared clad in white.
  • She was clad in a white shirtwaist and old tailored skirt.
  • In the moonlight she saw him plainly, clad in black.
  • She put out a foot clad in a very pretty, neat shoe.
  • A beetle clad in shining mail presses through the wilderness.
  • The man who was lifted through the window was clad in white linen to his feet.
  • She was clad in white, and her only ornament was a white rose.
  • He was clad in a civilian costume, which pronouncedly smacked of the prairie.
  • She carried me to her house where I was clad in a fancy dress.
  • His tap was answered by a fresh-coloured woman, neatly clad in a stuff gown.
  • Charlie Bryant was clad in loose riding breeches, but was coatless.
  • There I saw the mute figure, clad in black, still gazing fixedly in.
  • I, when the foole is clad in clay, It will sticke sore unto thy soule for aye.
  • She was clad in simple white--and yes!

How To Use Clad In A Sentence?

  • Each was clad in a six-penny undershirt and wrapped about the loins with a strip of cloth.
  • Happy are those who dwell as children in a place well clad with racy memories and legendary lore.
  • Later he reappeared, minus spurs and chaps, but still clad in the garb of the range-rider.
  • Father Roche was everywhere at once, clad in his vestments, with a brass helmet on his head.
  • The ladies of the Court, the lords and the pages, were clad in silks of various colours.
  • Those religious hold the people in a sort of dependence in which the priests of their own race, and clad as they, could not hold them.
  • A most comfortably clad set of plantigrade creatures, as fond, most of them, of fruits as they are of flesh.
  • He was clad in typical prairie costume, his loose cotton shirt well matching the unclean condition of his face.
  • Close by her sat a figure, clad in a magnificent robe reaching to the feet, having his head covered with a black veil.
  • The bottom of this new part of the gorge was not open and grassy, but studded thickly with enormous trees clad in dark heavy foliage.
  • The effigy itself is good: it represents the Dean clad in the same choir vestments as the figures on the panels below.
  • Helen, as usual, was clad in her best tailored suit, and looked particularly bright and smart when he greeted her.
  • She was mounted on a white steed, and was clad in a silken robe of opaline hue, her cloak and cap jewelled with moonstones.
  • I always pictured him to myself as I had seen him clad in his senatorial robes, rustling with pomp and pride.
  • These represented Bhutan and were all clad in striped yellow silk robes, which one can only describe as barbaric.
  • He is clad in a shirt of transparent gauze, with long hanging sleeves, and bordered round the open chest with a scalloping of needlework.
  • As Vernon possessed himself he was able to note that this surprising young woman was clad in a black traveling gown that fitted her perfectly.
  • They were clad in blouses of colored silk, which, with their fine dark complexions and great black eyes, gave them a very picturesque air.
  • Standing on a little bench in the flower-garden, before an open window, was a tall figure clad in black, gazing motionless into the dwelling.
  • Boniface, who was now eighty-six years of age, was clad in his pontifical vestments, and on his knees before the altar, in expectation of death.
  • The man, who was clad in a cotton blouse and blue jean trousers, made a half-respectful, half-deprecating gesture.
  • All these are clad in the magnificence of Oriental drapery, the colours of each pair on either side of the central light answering like to like.
  • Looking out Mary saw a poorly clad woman perhaps forty years of age, carrying in her hands a speckled hen.
  • At her feet a man, plainly clad in a dark red gown, with green stockings and black shoes, is trying to gain a position on the wheel.

Definition of Clad

(in compounds) Wearing clothing of a specified type. | (in compounds) Covered, enveloped in or surrounded by a specified material or substance. | (past tense "clad") To clothe.
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