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  • Indeed the drug is all that is claimed for it.
  • He claimed that he came there to look for angleworms.
  • Both parties of course claimed the victory.
  • There is no record that anyone claimed the reward.
  • He claimed no indulgence; he asked no toleration.
  • Venezuela always claimed the line of the Essequibo river.
  • As a boy he claimed Ralph Waldo Emerson as a friend.
  • He was unwilling to accord to others the right which he claimed for himself.
  • It seemed to suggest that he claimed some sort of ownership.
  • They also claimed that the treaty infringed their own rights.
  • Courtlandt did not bother about the cat; the puppy claimed his attention.
  • This fatal hunt for motor-cars has claimed yet another victim.
  • Nothing more, therefore, will be claimed for the following suggestions.
  • The shops claimed the ladies' attention one by one.
  • No less than four Americans claimed the honor of having killed him.
  • They were so small that his neighbors claimed he hadn't any at all.

How To Use Claimed In A Sentence?

  • For the most part they were in the library, the room he specially claimed as his own.
  • He claimed to have a presentiment that he would fall in battle at an early day.
  • I have seen, it claimed that such advocacy of the boycott is a constitutional right.
  • The province still claimed the right of pre-emption with respect to the whole of their reserve.
  • We'll pay for every foot of ground that's claimed by anybody that seen it first.
  • It is claimed that this system wets the fibres more thoroughly than the English one.
  • But Arandia died before his arrival, and it is claimed that he was helped to die.
  • He did no vulgar thievery: he never screwed a chat, nor claimed a peter, nor worked the mace.
  • He claimed that the language which he had used was permissible under the seal of private correspondence.
  • But they claimed to have been here first, and to be older than he, and there was a dispute between them.
  • It is claimed that a tinge of color sometimes passes over a generation and appears more markedly in the next.
  • It was claimed that the pain of purgatory differed from the pain of hell in nothing except that it was not to last forever.
  • They claimed that they had enlisted in the undertaking with the connivance of the government at Washington.
  • Captain Koenig asked the lads several sharp questions which apparently satisfied him that they were what they claimed to be.
  • The old woman set forth her case, and claimed two hundred ounces of silver as a compensation for the loss of the cat.
  • We are therefore left to conjecture, in this case, upon what foundation universal suffrage is claimed for them with so much importunity.
  • For a moment she was too amazed to think; then, with a rapid change of front, she conquered her surprise and claimed the credit for this result.
  • But she had been born near where the ruins of Casa Grande now are and claimed that vahahkkee for her own.
  • Meanwhile, the wafts from his old home pleaded, whispered, conjured, and finally claimed him imperiously.
  • All that is a little harshly claimed by progressive parties, may easily come to be conceded without question, if this rule be observed.
  • The conduct of the officials concerned in the seizure was disavowed, and the indemnity claimed by the American citizens concerned was paid.
  • A Counsellor Wesermann claimed to be able to cause distant friends to dream of any subject he might choose.
  • Beyond these things he had little pride except that he claimed to have read every novel by a woman writer that had ever entered the Union Library.
  • For this reason, while Mr. Frelinghuysen claimed that the treaty was voidable, he did not actually declare it void.

Definition of Claimed

simple past tense and past participle of claim
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