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How To Use Claimed To In A Sentence?

  • The guests were now persuaded that their hosts were indeed what they claimed to be.
  • He would have been wretched if any one in his presence had claimed to be up to the second.
  • Could he have simply claimed to have done so in an effort to stabilize his own power?
  • I had tested all those who claimed to be my friends, and found they were sincere.
  • Plotinus claimed to have been exalted in this divine ecstasy several times during his life.
  • It is claimed to grow up each year from the roots left at the preceding harvest.
  • Among all those who remained, not an individual was found who claimed to be in any authority.
  • He never boasted that he was higher, nor claimed to be less than any of the other sons of men.
  • Shakespeare claimed to be the author, and no one in his time or day denied the claim.
  • Later we visited the street bazars, all of them furnished with articles claimed to be antique.
  • He claimed to be my guardian, and to have the legal right to possess whatever belonged to me.
  • Bissolati claimed to speak in the name of a multitude which had hitherto been silent....
  • He claimed to be a great pugilist, and he was forever telling of the men he had put to sleep.
  • A Hare was very popular with the other beasts who all claimed to be her friends.
  • Tetzel claimed to have saved more souls with his indulgences than Peter with his sermons.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Claimed To | Claimed To Sentence

  • He claimed to be the state.
  • She also claimed to be a telepath.
  • This man must be what he claimed to be.
  • Shall the coat be claimed to be the entire man?
  • He claimed to have no idea whatever of the value of money.
  • It is claimed to be not simply spiritual, but tangible.
  • This is claimed to be the "scientific" view of history.
  • He claimed to justify the ways of God to men.
  • If these are true, Jesus is all he claimed to be.
  • Copple claimed to hear deer running, but I did not.
  • Every tyrant has claimed to be the agent of the Most High.
  • He was anti-Trinitarian, and claimed to be the Messiah.
  • He claimed to be the murdered Peter III.
  • They chose a guide who claimed to have been over the road before.
  • They were all there the ones who claimed to be the half of everything.
  • His product was what it claimed to be, and was stamped as such.
  • It was an egoist who claimed to be a martyr that aroused his anger.
  • Prayer is claimed to have a positive effect on the mind other than resignation.
  • This verified the enemy planes the pilots claimed to have destroyed.
  • They claimed to be ready to meet any emergency that might come.
  • He claimed to have a presentiment that he would fall in battle at an early day.
  • He claimed to be an emissary with important instructions from the Opera.
  • They claimed to be teachers from some little town in Indiana.
  • Some have been dishonest, in order, as they claimed, to do the more good.
  • We have claimed to be treated as a friendly sovereign State.
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