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  • Through this we went clambering upwards.
  • A few were already clambering up the bobstays.
  • What pink roses clambering to the cottage-thatch!
  • Presently Eye-o came clambering up the steps.
  • Presently he came clambering up the bank and got into his saddle.
  • They turned in time to see him clambering through the window.
  • But we none of us had no business clambering off till we were ordered.
  • The men in his rear were already clambering over the corral fence.
  • Mansy cried, as she saw him clambering up over the top sash of the window.
  • With much difficulty, she succeeded in clambering down the steep descent.
  • The rest followed as best they might, clambering from ledge to ledge.
  • This was seized, and the next moment her crew came clambering over the rail.
  • Then, lassos in hands, we began clambering over the broken fragments.
  • He and the Kanakas had succeeded in righting the boat and clambering into her.
  • So he came clambering up its rough bark towards where I sat.
  • Grandpa, clambering down stiffly, had to lift Grandma and Sally out.
  • And there were journalists clambering for my "impressions....

How To Use Clambering In A Sentence?

  • Evidently the scoundrel had scraped it off against the bricks while clambering over.
  • Ledageree and two of his surviving brigands were clambering aboard the space ship.
  • She heard him clambering up over the loose stones, and presently he stood near her.
  • For reply, the man brushed her aside and began clambering into the empty bucket.
  • He seemed the only living, breathing thing clambering across the face of time and space.
  • It was slow work, filling the bucket, clambering out to hoist it, then down again.
  • It led her into dense, tangled woods, clambering over outcropping ledges and boulders.
  • They attempted to follow me, but I escaped them by clambering down some steep rocks.
  • He made out Hiram clambering from his seat like a sailor among the riggings of a ship.
  • How different she was from Ollie, the wild rose clambering unkept beside the hedge.
  • Just before noon we were clambering up the hills on the northeast of the Mini Pusa.
  • He can see their fairy forms shining from amid the vines clambering over the walls and porches before him.
  • He had a silk ladder, and his clothes were covered with marks of his clambering over the roof and down the chimney.
  • One had fled, the second was in the act of dropping from a window, while a third was just clambering out.
  • In a moment, the soldiers were clambering into the coaches, with the same mathematical precision he had seen before.
  • The plundered party were clambering philosophically to their seats, while the driver blasphemed delightedly over the integrity of his mails.
  • He glanced back, to see the first of the crowd which had broken into the laboratory come clambering up through the roof.
  • The soldiers followed the example, and the opposite side of the wall was soon covered with the clambering troops.
  • At the same time a swarm of terror-stricken people were seen flying towards this cliff and clambering up its steep sides.
  • Each tower had its balconies, and each balcony was guessed more than seen through the green and red and white of clambering roses.
  • At six we descry the infantry and the pack trains clambering up the heights to the northwest and disappearing from view over the timbered crests.
  • The window was open, with the same vine clambering about it, precisely as when she waved and wept me an adieu.
  • About midday we had crossed the first part of our journey and were clambering and slipping over the shoulder of Mistilaw.

Definition of Clambering

present participle of clamber | The act of one who clambers.
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