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  • Now they had dozens clamoring for every quarter-section.
  • But to feed the clamoring Belgians it had to have food.
  • A group around the piano were clamoring for Kathie to play.
  • And it was for this mail the men were clamoring so insistently.
  • Their people were suffering terribly and were clamoring for help.
  • A certain class are clamoring for a division of the national wealth.
  • The innocent child's sweet voice was clamoring again.
  • At the end of a week the men were clamoring to be sent back into the trenches.
  • All the politicians and writers in Washington were clamoring for a battle.
  • You know how impatient he is, and all London is clamoring for his play.
  • I must stop now, because Sherry is clamoring for refreshments.
  • Now it awakened, clamoring to possess, guard, cherish, worship.
  • This time the men of Valetta are clamoring for the American to show himself.
  • Well for Sir Asker that he did not live in our day of clamoring suffragists.
  • In an hour they were at the 'dobe and clamoring for breakfast.
  • There were too many other ships' companies clamoring for their turn to loot.
  • The wild-fowl were clamoring north for the summer's campaign of nesting.

How To Use Clamoring In A Sentence?

  • She did not realize that at no time had the stage been clamoring for her services.
  • There were hundreds of them clamoring for an opportunity to get down to the army.
  • Now it was clamoring to lift him to its shoulders and bear him in triumph through the town.
  • Thousands of these walked the streets in the various steel towns clamoring for protection.
  • Her clamoring conscience caused her involuntarily to draw away from him to the end of the seat.
  • The patient gained so much in strength that he was soon clamoring for permission to get up.
  • When a clamoring conscience had lifted up its voice, he had stilled it with platitudes.
  • Volunteers clustered around the mine-owner, clamoring to be allowed to go down.
  • And then he slipped away to hunt for food, because the children were still clamoring for more.
  • Half a dozen girls and as many hungry male guests of the party were in it clamoring for news.
  • The mob were evidently clamoring for his death, and were prepared to make sport of his torments.
  • A loud clamoring burst from the hounds apparently close behind drove my horse frantic.
  • We are no seditious women, clamoring for any peculiar rights, but we are patient women.
  • His men too, suffering for food and clamoring for their pay, began to leave him.
  • Words stood out whimsically, like thoughts assailing a tired brain, clamoring for recognition.
  • We were right on top of Jim and Sampson with the pack clamoring mad music just behind.
  • Fully eighteen thousand persons were in the auditorium and a few thousand more were outside clamoring for admission.
  • It is for that purpose that we are clamoring for a greater army and navy, more battleships and ammunition.
  • No matter how many homes they build there are always more families clamoring to occupy them than can be accommodated.
  • But her heart was not in all this; it was clamoring now to be heard, and would by no means be stilled.
  • She cannot properly house or profitably employ a million of immigrants before the next million is clamoring at her doors.
  • Outside were women offering ten dollars a plate and clamoring for the privilege of merely listening to the after-dinner speakers.
  • Nevertheless, in spite of her grumbling, the mother regarded her brood of clamoring youngsters with affectionate pride.

Definition of Clamoring

present participle of clamor | A sound that clamors.
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