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  • Vigorous clapping greeted this sally.
  • Why, what are they clapping for?
  • But this clapping is very soft and at long intervals.
  • Music was supplied by singing and clapping of hands.
  • Nelson was smothered in cheers and clapping of hands.
  • Rich as the fat, clapping hands in the boxes.
  • Brother declared, clapping his hands on his knees.
  • The children jumped up and down, clapping their hands.
  • Thirty-first week, at clapping of fan.
  • He hates the man who has waked him by clapping him on the shoulder.
  • His little ones crowd round him, laughing and clapping their hands.
  • When Ellen came up out of the water she was clapping her hands and shouting.
  • It was Pilar who broke the spell by a sudden clapping of her hands.
  • Bias was surprised at his sport by a sudden clapping of his master's hands.
  • Brava!" calls out the cavaliere from his arm-chair, clapping his hands.

How To Use Clapping In A Sentence?

  • Instantly she had been recognised and acknowledged, and the clapping had in nowise disturbed her.
  • When the attendance of a servant is required, it is signified by the master clapping his hands.
  • Climbing back to the roadway he waved the fan above his head and was greeted by a light clapping of hands from the lofty window.
  • Lloyd was astounded then he looked up into the dark northern skies towards the strange thunderous clapping and searing whistling.
  • There was instant silence, then a clapping of hands and a sort of murmur and sigh coming from a hundred breasts.
  • And he contented himself with clapping his hands together loud when he went into his orchard, so he should not see too much stealing.
  • This little refrain they sang, clapping their hands ever so lightly, and the meaning of the singing was a warning.
  • So the game ended, the children clapping their hands in applause, and leading the criminal away to be hanged.
  • The ladies, both on the pier and in the ship, performed their part in this ceremony by waving their handkerchiefs and clapping their hands.
  • Little child run over by railway waggon and horse, clapping its hands when the shadow passed away, leaving it unhurt.
  • It was he, her "partner," whom the people were all clapping their hands at, who was doing all these wonderful things!
  • Whereat all the little children began dancing and clapping their hands, and Tom danced too with all his might.
  • The guests howled with delight, clapping their hands, stamping their feet, trying to add to the din.
  • There was a general clapping of hands at this: it was the first really clever thing the King had said that day.
  • There was a loud clapping followed by cries of applause, for there was no need to tell what happened after that leap into the fire, every one knew.
  • Her eager gaze searched down the long line of clapping girls till she found Honor's face.
  • Then, amidst a clapping of hands which sounded faint and far-off, he followed his opponent to the ring, and ducked under the ropes.
  • But when Nathalie rose on her feet to reply, the clapping grew so vociferous that the color deepened her cheeks to a more vivid pink.
  • Koekenyesdi turned round suddenly, twisted the cord round the forepart of his horse, and clapping the spurs to its side, began galloping off.
  • Then she stood before them and her dark eyes dwelt, impassive and melancholy, upon the sea of faces, tumultuous and blurred with clapping hands.
  • The good Bishop, amid clapping of hands and fluttering of handkerchiefs, piped cherubically of everything.
  • This declaration was answered with "Bravo!" and clapping of hands; they then desired her to make a compact with them.
  • They heard some one clapping on the edge of the green; it was Herbert Briarfield, who had been watching.
  • He looked down at her, as a mastiff at a barking pug, and, throwing back his head, laughed heartily, clapping his hands softly.
  • Then, clapping his hands to his ears, he bowed his head, shrieking: "Stop it!

Definition of Clapping

present participle of clap | The action by which someone or something claps.
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