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  • Suppose he really claps me into jail?
  • Cheeringly he claps each man upon the shoulder.
  • The friend claps his hands and laughs.
  • A friend enters and claps me on the back.
  • He claps on his blue steel casque.
  • And with the word claps spurs to his horse.
  • We heard few claps of thunder, and had little rain.
  • He rubs his fat hands together, then gently claps them.
  • And do I well or ill she claps me on the skin.
  • Who aye withholds the claps and cheers That others give?
  • She claps her hands together in the oriental way of summoning a servant.
  • He starts up from sleep like a wild-cat as somebody claps him on the shoulder.
  • As he mentions him, the sheik claps his hands and the guide appears.
  • Dryden and Settle had both placed their happiness in the claps of multitudes.
  • An arrow pierces him; he claps his hand upon his heart, and is about to sink.
  • And as together they swiftly come, He claps hands loud and thinks of home.
  • ANISYA (looks round, stops working, and claps her hands with joy).

How To Use Claps In A Sentence?

  • The sky was like a furnace, and the earth shook with the awful claps of thunder.
  • This is accompanied with lightning, and several claps of thunder, to the end of the storm.
  • It sounded like rather distant thunder, with sporadic claps in the middle distance.
  • The wind, the lightning, the sudden sharp claps of thunder were on his own key.
  • Here he claps the forging in the trimmer, click goes the self-act, and down comes the tool.
  • Science must stop to reason and explain; ART claps his finger on the streaming vein.
  • Jenkins had just got back into the carriage when another one of those thunder claps started more trouble.
  • Of these, one calls out the number upon the box and the other takes it and claps it sharply on the table.
  • If you fail, an indignant populace derides your name, and a pained and astonished government claps you into jail.
  • Turtles will rise at any noise, and usually the fisherman only claps his hands, though each hunter has his own way of attracting the terrapin.
  • Almost immediately he claps his hands, and half a dozen armed retainers make their appearance, springing from some unknown quarter.
  • There were several claps of distant thunder, and rain, which had been threatening for some time, suddenly descended in a drenching stream.
  • At this, the giant roared like claps of thunder, and began to lay about him with his iron club like one stark mad.
  • And 'twixt long claps and hisses did succeed A stern contention; victory being dubious.
  • I had only just closed my eyes when I suddenly jumped up again, deafened as if by a hundred claps of thunder joined in one.
  • He applauded firmly, with authority, and continued until the last clap had died behind him; three more decisive claps and he stopped.
  • And there were resounding claps on the back, and wild dances around the green grass, even the French joining in.
  • Up goes Tom, the guard catching his hatbox and holding on with one hand, while with the other he claps the horn to his mouth.
  • The tremendous claps of thunder re-echoing among these Appenines, which double every sound, were truly dreadful.
  • When Mother Goose claps her hands the children group themselves on her side of platform, not in a stiff row, but as naturally as possible.
  • In a few minutes a dark cloud came rolling up the sky, giving out such terrific claps of thunder that the wolves and the foxes and all the other creatures ran helter-skelter in all directions.
  • The Martini-Henry bullet flies true, and claps loudly, as upon a barn door, on the broadside of the gallant beast.
  • Towards daybreak the tempest returned with increased violence; the flashes of lightning and the claps of thunder were incessant during the twilight, and everybody thought that the vessel must be struck.

Definition of Claps

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of clap | plural of clap
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