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  • Aristotle sought to set down and classify every method of advancing from premises.
  • If we would classify and measure him, it must be with nations and not with individuals.
  • We could almost classify successes and failures by their various degrees of will-power.
  • At this point it may be well to classify the flying devices thus far considered.
  • To the small part of ignorance that we can arrange and classify we give the name Knowledge.
  • It fell to my lot to classify them, and never shall I forget the scene I witnessed.
  • There is an increasing disposition on the part of the young and the old to classify their pleasures according to their age.
  • To classify other celebrities connected with the county would require almost as many headings as names.
  • This, of course, presuming that we classify our negatives and enlarge from those of the same quality at the same time.
  • Have divisions or pigeonholes at the back of your book, where you can put away and classify all sorts of memoranda.
  • For a time it seems not so important to classify the metonymies as to make peas or dandelion taste like coffee.
  • Woodcraft includes what we may merely for convenience classify as campcraft, which is to know all there is to know about camping in the open.
  • As such, it presents a fundamental equation of thought, and it is because it is of the second degree that we classify in pairs or opposites.
  • This, however, is too unsatisfactory a piece of work for us to care either to classify or to remember it.
  • In still another way we may classify manual switchboards if the method of distributing the energy for talking and signaling purposes is ignored.
  • At that time I believe no investigation of those fossil beds had been made by scholars qualified to classify them.
  • It makes little effort to present facts, but rather it tells how to gather, classify and study facts.
  • I could not classify it; it seemed peculiar to this corner of the coast; it had singular reactions of delirium and mental breakdown.
  • According to the individuals, one of these characteristics eclipsed the others, and the dominant feature helped us to classify the fools.
  • If we measure, or weigh, or classify any character shown by the individuals of a population, we find differences.
  • The Turks classify the population, not by language or by physical characteristics, but by religion.
  • As this is no guide-book, no attempt is made to classify the departments of the Museum or to indicate its riches.
  • Its name helps us to classify it; it gives us a handle to grasp it by; it sheds a ray of light where all before was darkness.
  • Take all the consonants, and classify them in two columns, the aspirates or breath sounds in one column, and the sub-vocals in another.
  • In reading Euripides, we find ourselves, at moments, ready to classify him as a satirist, and at other moments as a man of feeling.
  • As a basis for this forecast it is necessary first of all briefly to classify the expression of the building impulse from what may be called the psychological point of view.
  • If there had been time to name him, he would doubtless have been called superintendent of transportation; but there was no time to classify those who were working on the road.
  • Let us therefore attempt to classify the colors of the spectrum according to this theory, and discover if we can how nearly such a classification is conformable to reason and experience.
  • Again we may classify telephones or telephone sets in accordance with the manner in which their various parts are associated with each other for use, regardless of what parts are contained in the set.
  • Strictly to classify these is impracticable, and I will therefore be influenced in the order of their enumeration principally by their importance in a therapeutic respect.
  • This group is a most interesting one to the systematist, as it is composed of so many heterogeneous forms which it is almost impossible to classify in our rigid and at present necessarily artificial systems.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Classify | Classify Sentence

  • How would you classify granite?
  • She was trying to classify an unknown species.
  • I later was able to classify as the smell of war.
  • Yet, I do not think it would be right to so classify me.
  • How are we to classify the position of the mother of these children?
  • We cannot name or classify the bibliophiles of the eighteenth century.
  • The rest was too insignificant to classify without the aid of a microscope.
  • For the life of him he could not classify Robert Hume-Frazer.
  • If I was asked to classify them I'd say they was a human loco weed.

Definition of Classify

to identify by or divide into classes; to categorize | to declare something a secret, especially a government secret
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