Clean Off In A Sentence

How To Use Clean Off In A Sentence?

  • Then with knife clean off the ragged edges of torn paper along the joint inside the cover.
  • The fellow, it suddenly dawned on him, had gone clean off his head about one of the girls.
  • So he promised, and this time a wave lifted the vessel clean off the rocks, and she was in the open sea once more.
  • Yes, sir, they think they can shove her clean off the market, but they can't do it.
  • Towards the end of the action, Colonel Barnard was struck with a musket-ball, which carried him clean off his horse.
  • Remove with the point of your knife any small black spots such as sometimes show in the photograph, and then with a fresh piece of cotton and pumice stone clean off the edges of the crayon all around.
  • They sweep the colour, in its pure state, clean off the palette; and then profess to show us by experiment that they can get on perfectly well without it.
  • Myself and mule were frightful looking objects, from the mire we had wallowed through, and, before going any further, it became necessary for me to clean off the mule to prevent suspicion.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Clean Off | Clean Off Sentence

  • But that is clean off the track.
  • Have un clean off the ground.
  • The old man went clean off for a while.
  • Some women would have gone clean off the handle.
  • Eleanor was thrown clean off on the ground, and fell stunned.
  • I lived down South, clean off the track of ever'thing.
  • One of these caught my man Quin, and swept him clean off his pad.
  • What's gone wrong with my eyes, or am I clean off my head?
  • There were only two of us, Bab, and we got clean off with the plunder.
  • My hat was shot clean off my head, but they missed me, and I got through.
  • They say The Roman was knocked clean off his pins, first time in his life.

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