Cleanly in a sentence

Definition of Cleanly

Being habitually clean, practising good hygiene. | (obsolete) Cleansing; fitted to remove moisture; dirt, etc. | (obsolete) Adroit; dexterous; artful.

How to use Cleanly in a Sentence?

  • His face is very pale, and he looks all the more striking because he is cleanly shaven.
  • There was more sand than dust, for the floor had been cleanly swept only that morning.
  • Most of the congregation were cleanly and neatly dressed; the women in such finery as they owned.
  • He wasted not an ounce of energy, but ran cleanly and straightly and splendidly.
  • He had lived cleanly and decently; he had wronged no man or woman, nor himself.
  • People are cleanly in proportion as they are decent, industrious, and self-respecting.
  • The old knack came back to him, and he toppled over his rabbits cleanly and in a masterly way.
  • The hut, which was built of planks and covered with thatch, appeared very cleanly kept.
  • In the article of eating, these people are by no means so cleanly as the Otaheiteans.
  • The young Frenchman rescued his hat which had a hole cut cleanly through the crown.
  • Soft; white; no openings; mild and salty when fresh and cleanly acid when cured.
  • Suddenly, the skin split lengthwise and dropped cleanly to either side, like a banana peel.
  • The very margin of white pebbles which lay on the banks of the stream had a sort of cleanly beauty about it.
  • Indeed, it is to be feared that the good cure did not always present so cleanly an appearance as he did on the arrival of the ladies.
  • In a small but cleanly room on the fifth story a young girl stood before a mirror arranging her toilet.
  • Holy virgins had cleanly washed the souls from sin of those men, who for a long time had themselves tormented.
  • He is as cleanly as a house cat, and his flesh when cooked resembles a cross between rabbit and veal.
  • In all its appointments it appeared as fresh, inviting, and cleanly as the wholesome light without.
  • If they are made in cleanly fashion, contain no harmful ingredients and are truthfully labeled there is no reason for objecting to them.
  • Cut off the points of any jagged or torn roots cleanly with a sharp knife, and shorten all downward and coarse roots.

Short Example Sentence for Cleanly

  • This she tore cleanly in two in the middle.
  • Considerate, cleanly chambermaid!
  • She is slowly dropping out of her cleanly habits.
  • These stones are cut as cleanly as the rest of the tunnel.
  • One of the men went down, sliced cleanly in two.
  • She walked into a neat room, barely but cleanly furnished.
  • And yet the Hare got cleanly from them all.
  • Being wise, Break cleanly off, and get away.
  • Notwithstanding all this finery, they are far from cleanly in their habits.
  • It is of the first importance to teach people cleanly habits.
  • The ball must be hit firmly and cleanly with the centre of the racket.
  • Hellman poised the razor delicately and cut the radish cleanly in half.
  • They are never cleanly in their habits, and just as often thieves as not.
  • He was cleanly from the third year, but not when he felt ill.
  • Cast-iron stack-pipes were riddled with holes cut as cleanly as with a drill.
  • On the contrary, the orbits are cleanly made and the suture is well curved.
  • Field, as you probably remember, always kept his face cleanly shaved.
  • Her coarse, cleanly gown was composed of many-colored, curious patches.
  • Jack Diamond did the best shooting this time, cleanly killing both birds.
  • Macy's had won its hard-fought fight; won it cleanly and honestly.