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  • Her face was clearer now.
  • And now with clearer thought she found a sufficient truth.
  • Her mind grew clearer and her tears had ceased.
  • Spielberg had returned home with a clearer head than usual.
  • I got things clearer as time went on.
  • The meaning made clearer by denial of the contrary.
  • Her intention became much clearer as the year developed.
  • No proclamation could have made the thing clearer between them.
  • The professional and daring politicians never had a clearer field.
  • In other respects both flat cards are similar to a roller and clearer card.
  • My mind also became clearer and dizziness became a thing of the past.
  • A spell hung round him like a mist, blinding and baffling all clearer thought.
  • No brain could be clearer than Josh Perrott's now.
  • I'd got my ideas, and they grew clearer during the voyage home.
  • Beatrix's bonds would be loosened, she would see with clearer eyes.

How To Use Clearer In A Sentence?

  • As at a signal the flutes grew louder, mingling with them was the clearer note of lyres.
  • His voice seemed to grow clearer with every word; the critical encounter was sobering him.
  • And all the time the lines of a larger, if more crooked plan, began to get clearer in my mind.
  • I see it, because the clouds in that direction are passed off (pointing to a clearer spot).
  • It was a very troublous time, and Joseph wished his head had been a little clearer than it was.
  • How much do time, circumstance, and humour, place the same truth in a clearer or obscurer aspect!
  • From thy dead lips a clearer note is born Than ever Triton blew from wreathed horn!
  • In this clearer perception of proportions the experiences of the religious work of the war is greatly aiding.
  • She had gained a petty triumph over herself, and along with that came a clearer view of the situation.
  • Nothing can be clearer than that the writer of this account intended to convey, and did convey the idea that the flood was universal.
  • The clearer be the characters in which a book is writ, the more pleasantly and conveniently shall any man read it.
  • It would most assuredly have been an infinitely clearer and more beautiful expression of the divine goodness than that of Edwards.
  • The time will come when some profound historian of literature will make himself much clearer on the point than I am.
  • The expression of his face was clearer and more natural, only for that terribly painful inarticulate murmur, which no one could comprehend.
  • But, to make up for this, would be the fact that for long distances the roads would be clearer and the speed regulations less stringent.
  • Thus will come clearer views of the questions at issue, broader plans for reform, greater incentive to action, and more rapid progress.
  • They have given a clearer notion of his {89} excellencies, and a better idea of the power of his mind, than ever we saw given before.
  • The girl closed her eyes, and pressed their hot, dry lids hard with her cold fingers; but the vision was clearer even than with her eyes open.
  • A belief which the Jewish religion was capable of producing of itself need not, without clearer evidence than we possess, be regarded as borrowed.
  • If the main cylinder is surmounted with a series of small ones (as at A), the engine is called a roller and clearer card.
  • She put the latter down on a bit of paper, in an effort to come to a clearer understanding of the girl who was Joan Darcy.
  • Whenever I chance on an extract, a report, it lights up the dull newspaper stuff wrapt round it and makes me glad at heart and clearer in head.
  • It might have been imagined that where such a quantity of timber had accumulated, a clearer channel would have been found below, but such was not the case.
  • She practiced her breathing exercises and tried a few three-note vocal exercises, and was delighted that her voice seemed clearer than it had ever sounded to her.
  • To face danger bravely in itself gives strength for the clearer vision; and a peculiarly loved child unlocks with its tiny hands springs unknown before.

Definition of Clearer

comparative form of clear: more clear | Someone who or something which clears. | A tool by which the hemp for lines and twines, used by sailmakers, is finished.
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