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  • Toemon clears himself from the affair.
  • He clears his throat.
  • Ben clears his throat and is about to speak.
  • It clears up something, but not all.
  • Address 07 clears all program flags.
  • The sky clears up after a dubious day.
  • This clears up another great hotel mystery.
  • The "atmosphere" clears off just a little.
  • At thy blythe carol, clears his furrowed brow.
  • It about clears auf wot you owe, I reckon.
  • This instruction clears the In-Out Register.
  • It writes off the past and clears the way for a fresh start in the future.
  • But you will see at the next bull-fight, when the weather clears up.
  • One clears a river, t'other fills a drain.
  • That wretched Sardanapalus never clears the limbs away when he cuts the hedge.
  • Mount Jerusalem clears the skidway," blurted Britt.
  • Mr. Nichols clears his throat, And tells her the launching day is set.
  • I'm mighty anxious to get out to the airport as soon as it clears up.
  • CHAPTER I. 2 Jesus miraculously clears the water after rain.

How To Use Clears In A Sentence?

  • Learoyd raised himself from the dirt as a bull clears his flanks of the wallow.
  • It is one of the forms in which the gout appears, and exercises and clears the lungs.
  • This thoroughly clears the credit of the acceptor, and reflects grossly on the drawer.
  • Let us wait till the dust of the struggle clears away before we take measures of the circus.
  • Fortunately John clears himself just in time, and reaches the ground in safety.
  • Address 00 selects no program flag, 01 clears program flag 1, 02 clears program flag 2, etc.
  • But there is still another reason that fully justifies his secrecy and clears up all mystery.
  • I'll pay his board bill and his traveling expenses if he clears out this minute.
  • Or he clears a few acres of virgin soil, and we say that the heritage of future generations has been increased by that much.
  • He's always ready to make a poem on any subject, and doesn't ask you to wait while he clears his voice.
  • How ugly a person looks upon whose reputation some awkward aspersion hangs, and how suddenly his countenance clears up with his character!
  • Bureaucracy is having its fling, and when the mist clears off it will stand revealed as a well-meant (and well-paid) imposture.
  • Fire clears the jungle, and the ashes manure the soil; the ground is then superficially scratched, and rice is sown.
  • As the spasms cease, speech becomes freer, and as the mind clears up, the thoughts also reveal themselves more distinctly.
  • At times, light fogs or a little vapor will appear in certain regions, but they are soon dissipated, and the sky clears up again.
  • It also eats a small amount of newly planted corn, but at the same time clears the field of May beetles.
  • The kind old man each morning comes here to weed the ground, He clears the shrine of thistles and burrs that grow around.
  • The deck but just clears the water, and there stand Guy and Zula waiting, with but a moment between them and death.
  • The Nyctipithecus, when tamed, renders one very essential service to its owner: it clears the house of bats as well as of insect vermin.
  • The president of the class soon clears up our doubts, however, by requesting President Atwood to come forward.
  • A temper that is like a tornado in its violence at least clears the air as it passes, and is usually followed by quick repentance and ready reparation.

Definition of Clears

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of clear | A relatively strong, coarse flour that has only been sifted once.
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