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  • What clemency his temper sways!
  • She had not had the clemency to destroy it with the rest.
  • But show some clemency for the present.
  • He extends executive clemency to a number annually.
  • She asked clemency for that woman, which was obtained.
  • This is not clemency granted, it is clemency implored.
  • This clemency endeared him to the Californians.
  • Under the new military commander a broad clemency is proffered.
  • But with misplaced clemency the monster Caracalla was again pardoned.
  • Now, an openly avowed rustler, he expected clemency from his victim.
  • We hope that the American rule will be characterized by clemency and justice.
  • His typically German mind read the clemency as a sign of weakness.
  • The clemency of Cyrus towards the other subject nations is also extolled.
  • This clemency was not peculiar to the Inquisition of Pamiers.

How To Use Clemency In A Sentence?

  • They had expected little mercy from the victors, but to their surprise clemency was shown to them.
  • The ungrateful servant in whose behalf you write, merits no clemency from me.
  • It exercises authority with cannon-balls, and clemency with the flat of the sabre.
  • The Autumn of that year was remarkable for the beauty and clemency of the weather.
  • And in truth we know that Robespierre had no definite intention of erecting clemency into a rule.
  • The Earl of Derwentwater was one upon whom clemency might safely have been shown.
  • Was it when he exhorted the clemency of C├Žsar in favor of Ligarius and King Deiotarus?
  • Did ever any peril turn to any one a face so full of clemency and tenderness as this blizzard to me?
  • There were some enemies whom all Caesar's clemency and kindness had not conciliated.
  • In other respects my government, without being wanting in address, is marked by clemency and courtesy.
  • Who could tell at what moment this unlooked-for, unprecedented clemency might be withdrawn and silence once more be sealed upon them?
  • This recommendation for executive clemency remained unknown to the public until it was incidentally referred to by the Hon.
  • He is said to have been of a kindly disposition and to have exercised towards other royal captives the same clemency which he extended to Manasseh.
  • If he is permitted again to inhale the air of freedom, it must be through the clemency of the pardoning board and of the governor of Kansas.
  • I only move for a mitigation of punishment, and will state the circumstances upon which I base my appeal to the clemency of the court.
  • Badeau says that General Lee was evidently much touched by the clemency of his adversary in this regard.
  • Is it for this that you cherish the name of the great Paolo Guinigi, whose acts were acts of clemency and wisdom?
  • They knelt round the doomed man, while the prophets by turn prayed for his soul, and implored the clemency of the Sovereign Judge.
  • The facts were set out in detail, and his Excellency was asked to exercise the royal clemency by releasing the prisoner from his melancholy situation.
  • His youth enabled him to enter in a large degree into their sports; his clemency in pardoning Flores and the other generals of the rebellion won their applause.
  • As I know Captain Kahle, he is not the man to withstand a direct appeal to his clemency if couched in appropriately contrite terms.
  • Therefore it would be befitting the clemency of the Pontiffs to mitigate them now, because such a modification does not shake the unity of the Church.
  • His word was respected and caused him to be trusted; his will was resolute in every emergency, and yet all knew that his clemency and charity might be counted on whenever it could be safely exercised.
  • There are more than five hundred men in that prison whose crimes are of a less serious nature, and who are far more deserving of executive clemency than Stanfield.

Definition of Clemency

The gentle or kind exercise of power; leniency, mercy; compassion in judging or punishing. | (law) A pardon, commutation, or similar reduction, removal, or postponement of legal penalties by an executive officer of a state. | (now rare) Mildness of weather.
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