Clenched In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Clenched | Clenched Sentence

  • She clenched her hands.
  • The traveler clenched his fists.
  • She clenched her hands helplessly.
  • Betty clenched her small hands.
  • He clenched his hands in pain.
  • Andrew clenched his fingers savagely.
  • Her hands clenched in her lap.
  • He struck his clenched hand against his face.
  • He struck the table with his clenched fist.
  • His hand clenched the arm of his chair.
  • He clenched his hands in an effort to control himself.
  • Willing still stood with clenched fists and set lips.
  • She turned away, her hands clenched hard.
  • She stood by the window with small, clenched hands.
  • O-liver was restless, his hands clenched at his sides.
  • Then, I clenched my toes and tried to kick.
  • He lifted himself, shaking one clenched fist towards Gray.
  • Judy's hands were clenched fiercely.
  • But he gritted his teeth and clenched his hands and kept on.
  • Bert walked out of the station with clenched fists and blazing eyes.
  • Salhana clenched his hands, and impatiently bit his moustache.
  • He clenched his teeth, and opened the throttle to the utmost.
  • I reached upward and smote with my clenched fist upon the outside of the bath.
  • I stole my groping palm upon the clenched and chilly hand of a corpse!
  • Now she looked from one woman to the other, her fists clenched and working.
  • The girl stopped, with her hands clenched into white fists at her sides.
  • And he, in turn, struggled against them and clenched his teeth on the forceps.
  • With clenched teeth and knit brow, he urged on his pony to a gallop.
  • But Launcelot's hand was clenched at his side.
  • The tramp, watching the sky, shook his clenched fist at the dawn.
  • But Judy's clenched fist beat against the cushions.

How To Use Clenched In A Sentence?

  • He raised one great clenched fist and examined it with a sort of mild enthusiasm.
  • She lifted her clenched hands into the air and Lloyd finally saw what she was holding.
  • Charlie suddenly brought a clenched fist down upon the counter with a force that set the glasses ringing.
  • When he stood beside the bed again at last it was with his mind made up, as his clenched fists and his eyes indicated.
  • You could see that her body all over was as rigid as the hands clenched together, the fingers knotted round each other.
  • Then, with a dazed sort of movement, he rubbed his bloodshot eyes with the knuckles of his clenched fists.
  • He strode out of the mist again, frowning, with his chin hung low and fists clenched tight at his sides.
  • It was with difficulty that the horror-struck witnesses of this bloody scene could force open his clenched hands time enough to let me breathe.
  • But if emphasis be necessary, let it be by the intellectual means of pausing or inflection, rather than with the shoulders or the clenched fist.

Definition of Clenched

Closed tightly. | simple past tense and past participle of clench

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