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  • At length Cleopatra spoke.
  • For the death of Cleopatra was the signal.
  • The Cleopatra has only arrived two days.
  • Then Cleopatra bade them bring the slave to her.
  • There never was such a girl since Cleopatra was a flapper.
  • Those that were left Cleopatra hid upon her breast.
  • Also, Cleopatra had put it about that I was innocent.
  • The house passed, but Cleopatra and Charmion came not.
  • If Cleopatra had her asp with her it might be more to the purpose.
  • That same night Cleopatra summoned me to her private chamber.
  • How came it that thou didst not slay Cleopatra when thou wast alone with her?
  • Octavianus loves a fair woman in his cold way, and still is Cleopatra fair.
  • Thither went Cleopatra with her fleet, sorely against the will of Antony.
  • I saw Cleopatra no more that day, but on the day which followed I saw her.
  • With a great oath, Antony sprang up and clutched Cleopatra by the arm.
  • Mark Antony "lost" Cleopatra by wretched suicide as much as she "lost" him.
  • As well offer Charmian or Iras to Antony when Cleopatra was away.
  • With this Cleopatra may have captivated Caesar, Mark Antony!

How To Use Cleopatra In A Sentence?

  • That version of the death of Cleopatra has been preferred which attributes her end to poison.
  • At midday Cleopatra sleeps in her inner hall which looks over the gardens to the harbour.
  • There sat Cleopatra in a gold-decked galley watching the fight with eager eyes.
  • So it was with me; for between my going and thy coming Cleopatra hatched a deeper plan.
  • Think ye, my loyal servants all, that Cleopatra is one with whom it is well to play the traitor?
  • I climbed through, and, standing on a pile of stones, lifted and dragged Cleopatra after me.
  • I bade Cleopatra make the rope fast about her middle, and with much labour, drew her up.
  • And the emblems were those of Octavian, and of the other those of Cleopatra and Antony.
  • Thereafter, we recovered Cleopatra from her swoon, for not yet was I minded that she should die.
  • And as I spoke, Cleopatra turned white and trembled, glancing at me the while to find my meaning.
  • There were Adam and Eve, Cleopatra married to King Alexander, and various others.
  • Then with great pomp Cleopatra laid him in that sepulchre which had been made ready, and in a sarcophagus of alabaster.
  • And when he had drunk he bade Cleopatra lie down on the bed beside him, and put her arms about him; and this she did.
  • And the eunuchs had surely slain me, for Cleopatra watched like one who watches in a dream and made no sign.
  • Half did Cleopatra learn to love thee, and deep in her heart she bethought her of taking thee to wedded husband.
  • And in that same storm also sank the galley which Cleopatra had sent to search for the Syrian merchant.
  • But Cleopatra came to me, and, seating herself beside me, she strove to comfort me, throwing her arms about my neck.
  • At first, indeed, Cleopatra was somewhat silent and heavy at heart, for what she had seen and felt in the womb of the pyramid weighed her down.
  • It represented a Moor bringing to Cleopatra a basket of flowers, containing the asp by whose bite she destroyed herself.
  • For the twelve couches that were set about the table were embossed with gold, and those of Cleopatra and Antony were of gold set with jewels.
  • He staggered, with livid, twisted face and foaming lips, to where Cleopatra lay watching him with a slow and cruel smile.
  • And with this letter I dismissed the messengers, bidding them share the presents sent by Cleopatra among their company.

Definition of Cleopatra

The butterfly Gonepteryx cleopatra of the family Pieridae.
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