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  • Le client but et sortit.
  • One client in jail is worth two at large.
  • His first client was a man accused of horse stealing.
  • In the forlorn hope of a client Aristide went in after him.
  • How our client secured them I never discovered.
  • This is the most desirable variety of client a lawyer can have.
  • It places his client and himself in a new and dangerous relation.
  • Can't you see the client digging up the needful?
  • The client was a rich man who had sued successfully for a divorce.
  • His client did not care for an examination at this time, he said.
  • Cowan put his client on the witness stand, and showed the provocation.
  • It matters little, whether this client be a man, a people, or an idea.
  • Not long since I was staying with a client whose house is of Gothic style.
  • You can't settle this thing until my client has had time to talk with me.

How To Use Client In A Sentence?

  • It is for you to make such arrangements with your client as will insure me a separation.
  • The cautious counsellor will be compelled to say to his client that he cannot advise.
  • Upon the trial my client insisted on simply denying that he had done anything of the kind.
  • He is legally responsible to his client only for the want of ordinary care and ordinary skill.
  • As this was a mere honorary recompense, the client was under no legal obligation to pay it.
  • This is not his privilege, but the privilege of the client, and none but the client can waive it.
  • The topic of fidelity to the client involves the most difficult questions in the consideration of the duty of a lawyer.
  • But what are the limits of his duty when the legal demands or interests of his client conflict with his own sense of what is just and right?
  • Between agent and client never in the history of the world had such charming relations subsisted as between every pro.
  • And many a client then and later was attracted to my office by his refined and intellectual old face with its locks of silky gray.
  • All transactions of business between attorney and client are looked upon with eyes of suspicion and disfavor, in courts of justice.
  • Once even he had counseled matrimony to a client who was difficult to control and had approved, unofficially, of her selection of a mate.
  • On the other hand, he had viewed Soane's approaches to his client with misgiving.
  • Sam was making a great show of business, surrounded by a tableful of imposing parchments, but with never a client to the fore.
  • The firm, he argued, was far too big and well-established and wealthy to be hurt much by the loss of a single client like him.
  • But my client wished to take your opinion, and I agreed on the bare chance that you might detect some point that we had overlooked.
  • He heard Coadley say that his client could put up cash bail in any amount, and was willing to abide by any provisions.
  • What I hear from a client in this ridiculous place is never revealed beyond it, except so far as it may serve his interests.
  • Maseres was inveterately honest; he could not, at the bar, bear to see his own client victorious, when he knew his cause was a bad one.
  • Another very delicate and often embarrassing question in the relation of attorney and client is in regard to the subject of compensation for professional services.
  • He thought he had given his son a plain enough hint; besides, Bennet was a client of his own, and he did not wish to pursue the subject further.
  • To be 'honest, to be capable, to be faithful' to my client and my conscience, I earnestly hope will be my first endeavor.
  • My client offered me one of the forty-acre tracts for my fee, but I declined, and accepted a twenty dollar gold piece for my services.
  • It was a point of professional pride for the lawyer to get his client free, without reference to the circumstances of the time or the guilt of the accused.
  • Perhaps our most interesting client was the one who made his living by supplying "to the trade" all kinds of corporate bonds and certificates of stock.
  • A more plausible reason is that the client is safer from the oppression of extortionate counsel, by putting both upon the equal footing of legal right and obligation.

Definition of Client

A customer, a buyer or receiver of goods or services. | (computing) The role of a computer application or system that requests and/or consumes the services provided by another having the role of server. | One who receives help or services from a professional such as a lawyer or accountant.
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