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  • Still in a clinch they rolled off the prow of the canoe into the swirling current of the stream.
  • To clinch things, he slouched away, waving me in an abstracted manner to the towpath.
  • But to clinch all, he had no notion of letting the Pilgrim offend her by his presence.
  • The public believed that she was going to "own up" to it now, and to clinch the case against Joe.
  • He blamed himself for not having waited longer to produce his trump card and clinch his possession of her.
  • The absence of all notes of life in that direction seemed to clinch his intentions, and he knocked at the door.
  • As if to clinch it, she thrust the manuscript back in its drawer and turned the key with a decisive twist.
  • You have got to believe that, and when the outlook grows black get a tighter clinch upon your faith.
  • Tell him to let it leak out that Colton is seizing the opportunity to clinch his control of the road.
  • You can then run the ends of the leg wires through, draw the feet down closely, and clinch the wires on the opposite side.
  • In doing this, clinch the leg-wires together underneath the perch, and cut off the ends so that no portion of the wire will show.
  • Colonel Clinch determined to reduce the fort at any cost, although the operation promised to be a very difficult one.
  • He stopped just long enough to clinch his fist and shake it at Clif; and then he retired into a corner to snarl angrily to himself.
  • A lamp was lit, and by its light the two men continued to tighten screws, clinch rivets, and make the last preparations for their experiment.
  • I was to go in for the first time that very night ... to clinch my lagging resolution, the story was printed in the local papers....
  • I expect I'll run 'em into a clinch with another guy standin' around eatin' his heart out with jealousy.
  • Opposite Kingston, on the Clinch River, are three mounds, located on the farm of T. N. Clark.
  • I know not from which of the tribes and temperaments that went to the composition of the people this tenacity was supplied, but they clinch every nail they drive.
  • Accordingly, he sent Colonel Clinch with a small force down the river, to render any assistance that might be necessary.
  • He handed to me a clipping which Smith had used to clinch the payment of what he (Smith) called bribe money.
  • In his hurry to close with the red-bearded man, his foot had slipped on the slimy grass and he had been forced to clinch to save himself from falling.
  • Place the animal upon its board pedestal, and correct the attitude with the utmost care before you bend the wires up underneath the board and clinch them fast.
  • Still Nikol hung back, and it took considerable coaxing before he consented to go; and then it took Stubbs to clinch matters.
  • And then again returned that something which stirred inside him, something hot and hard, which made his cheeks and eyes burn and his fingers clinch once more.
  • He must clinch the deal with as little delay as possible if he would escape from Foss River and the ruinous attacks of Retief.
  • The isolation of deduction is seen, at the other end, wherever there is failure to clinch and test the results of the general reasoning processes by application to new concrete cases.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Clinch | Clinch Sentence

  • To clinch an argument he had a usual formula.
  • This bazaar was to clinch her position as a country lady.
  • I felt my teeth lock, my hands clinch in sudden anger.
  • Ted thought he would follow up his advantage and clinch the point at once.
  • The sailor permitted the two other men to clinch with the mad creature.
  • Time will show," she added, as if to clinch her argument.
  • Even now I clinch my teeth and remain inactive with difficulty.
  • A man ready to take fire, and clinch his fist upon the smallest provocation.
  • LADY MARY (determined to clinch the matter).
  • Then, said Falloden, it would be for Constance to clinch the matter.
  • Yes, but she won't be in; that alone will clinch the matter.

Definition of Clinch

To clasp; to interlock. [1560s] | To make certain; to finalize. [1716] | To fasten securely or permanently.
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