Clinched in a sentence

Definition of Clinched

simple past tense and past participle of clinch

How to use Clinched in a Sentence?

  • In the end her decision was clinched as often happens by something outside herself.
  • Jean stood up and looked from one to the other, and spoke through her clinched teeth.
  • The least reckless of us rushed upon death with breast bared and with clinched fists.
  • There were cries and curses, as men emptied their revolvers and then clinched in deadly struggle.
  • The eyes of the two tidewater boys grew large, and both clinched their guns convulsively.
  • Mazard stood with clinched hands watching them, every muscle and nerve tense as wire.
  • And, as he spoke, Ivan stiffened his every muscle, and instinctively clinched his hands.
  • Everything was all straight, but Garth clinched the matter by calling Mabyn to testify.
  • Her beautiful hands were clinched and her face set in the resolution to force her confession upon him.
  • That would have clinched my argument beyond all dispute, but the expressive poem was not written at that time.
  • Their fingers tightened on the butts of their weapons, their teeth clinched and their eyes grew hard.
  • But neither woman failed to perceive that his delicate hands were clinched so tightly that the bloodless knuckles were tinged with blue.
  • The sweat stood in drops on his forehead, and he slowly clinched and unclinched his great brawny hands.
  • The men rushed and slugged and clinched and tugged, and when they fell, got up and went at it again.
  • Thousands of spectators turned to C├Žsar with flashes of anger in their eyes and with 15 clinched fists.
  • In the early days, when different clans were driven farther into the hills, they each clinched as much land as they could.
  • Merriwell and Browning had clinched at the outset, but it was a long time before they could do anything but cling to each other.
  • Vixen started up to her feet, and stood in the midst of the firelit room, with clinched fists, like a young fury.
  • At such times Kut-le's fingers tightened and he clinched his teeth, but he did not go to her.
  • That remarked clinched in Lonny's mind an unpleasant, vague suspicion to the same effect.

Short Example Sentence for Clinched

  • He clinched his fists.
  • This suggestion clinched the matter.
  • We had clinched one another.
  • He clinched his fists as he thought of it.
  • His hand clinched in a savage vow.
  • The strong hands were clinched tightly.
  • Fritz clinched his fist and stamped his foot.
  • Mary sighed fiercely and clinched her teeth unconsciously.
  • He heard the envelope crackle in his clinched hand.
  • Hugh approached him with lowering brows and clinched hands.
  • He clinched the bench-rail and rose slowly to his feet.
  • I looked hard into the fire, and clinched my teeth.
  • Mulvaney's last argument clinched the matter.
  • He clinched with the man, and they reeled for a moment in a fierce embrace.
  • Henley's face grew darker, and he clinched his hand.
  • Then his dark face flushed darker, and with a snarl he clinched his fists.
  • His bitterness and shame vanished, his fists clinched in new resolution.
  • Wavering this way and that, I sent a telegram which clinched the matter.
  • And that smell drove my troubles through me and clinched 'em at the back.
  • Both of his brown hands hung at his sides, clinched like a baby's.

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