Clinked In A Sentence

Definition of Clinked

simple past tense and past participle of clink

How To Use Clinked In A Sentence?

  • Just then the gong clinked in response to the switching in the pilot house above.
  • At intervals in the stillness, a drop of water clinked from the faucet out there.
  • Every time a coin clinked in his money chest a liberated soul was soaring to heaven.
  • After having clinked glasses with Jean, Croisilles, instead of drowning himself, went to the play.
  • To the memory of Bazarov,' Katya whispered in her husband's ear, as she clinked glasses with him.
  • A crowd of customers jostled one another as they passed in and out; the coins clinked merrily in the till.
  • They clinked together, the eyes of the rest of the room hanging upon the singer's actions.
  • The presence of fifteen or twenty thousand soldiers was good for trade, and gold clinked with much freedom and merriment.
  • Their wrists clinked with heavy silver bracelets, and big circular earrings danced in their purple ear-lobes.
  • Around primitive tables family parties clinked foaming glasses and hailed with demonstrative hospitality any stray cousin who chanced that way.
  • This being agreed, the bottles presently made their appearance, glasses clinked and the company began to grow merry.
  • He did as he was ordered, and our horses being put to the canter, covered the ground gallantly, and our stirrup-chains clinked in the silent night.
  • Lace trimmings, diamond brooches, medallion bracelets trembled on bodices, gleamed on breasts, clinked on bare arms.
  • As Judy swung slowly about before their interested eyes, something chinked and clinked gently, like glass meeting glass.
  • They clinked the pieces of ice against the sides of their glasses once more, and then they climbed into the hack and were away in a row, to a good start.
  • He at once invited them also to state to the smirking bartender their preferences among the liquid compounds before them, and soon four glasses clinked together.
  • The ostrich feathers in the worn velvet travelling hat cascaded over them both, and bangles clinked in a thin discord with curious trinkets hanging from her chatelaine.
  • They clinked the three glasses and drank, the landlord and Mrs Herring at a gulp, Ada with tiny sips as if it were poison.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Clinked | Clinked Sentence

  • He clinked the coin before her.
  • They clinked glasses.
  • He clinked on a water-glass with his knife.
  • And we clinked our glasses and drained them with a laugh.
  • And another coin clinked at his feet.
  • The gentlemen clinked glasses and sang in unison.
  • They, clinked the glasses together above and below.
  • Glasses were clinked to the glory of the new bull-fighter.
  • And the two old men clinked their glasses together.
  • It clinked as she touched it, a small metal tag ringing.
  • A large heavy Spanish coin rolled out and then clinked down upon the table.

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