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  • The two requisites of these clippers were great speed and large stowage capacity for a human freight.
  • About the fine keen bows of the stately clippers steering Towards the lone northern star and the fair ports of home.
  • As the clipper-man leaped to a place of safety, his clippers still in his hand, he grabbed Sube roughly by the coat-collar.
  • And not only is higher speed than that of clippers unnecessary in ordinary freight transport, but it is clearly impossible in any normal condition of trade.
  • The speed here mentioned is not quite equal to that of the truly remarkable clippers noticed above, but it far exceeded that of any liner at work in 1848.
  • As a result the slow merchant packets with their stale cargoes could find no patrons, the clippers commanding not only all the trade but the highest prices for produce as well.
  • The ordinary average passages of the ocean on long voyages are now very rapid; and some of the clippers have attained a speed which no freighting steamer may ever be expected to do on the high seas.

Definition of Clippers

A tool for clipping something.
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