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  • The mine closed down forty years or so ago.
  • This station is partly closed down since the war.
  • Just for a second the lids closed down over the dark eyes.
  • To make matters worse, darkness closed down.
  • The night closed down, dark and still and very hot.
  • The nuclear works on Austragonia were closed down.
  • This card he slipped into an envelope and closed down the flap.
  • He resolutely closed down the trap-door opened by his imagination.
  • It looks as if they'd be closed down now, anyway.
  • His young brother's eyes closed down to mere slits.
  • The cliffs had closed down till less than half a mile of water divided them.
  • Six months later the nail works closed down, and closed down forever.
  • When winter closed down June began to see more and more of Harry Hope.
  • We closed down upon them--over them!
  • If it hadn't been for you, his shops would have been closed down last winter.

How To Use Closed Down In A Sentence?

  • It was the same gigantic vault that was closed down just prior to the great holocaust.
  • Jason scrambled to his feet and took a bearing before the rain closed down visibility.
  • Owing to weather and soil conditions work on this section has closed down for the winter.
  • We thought we had made out three of them just before you came, but the cloud closed down on them.
  • Involuntarily his glad fingers closed down upon the gloved hand that lay beneath them.
  • Darkness closed down on the camp, pressing on the edges of the firelight like a curious intruder.
  • The dark, leaden clouds which closed down upon the world showed no signs of breaking.
  • So the Captain and his men were put back in their box and the cover was closed down.
  • As I entered the well-known thoroughfare, the fog closed down into impenetrable obscurity.
  • Sir Henry closed down his desk, embraced his daughter, and came forward to meet his wife.
  • The foundry at Ashburnham, the last of the Sussex furnaces, was closed down in 1828.
  • Such were the schools closed down last year in the Central Provinces and this year at Telegaon.
  • Then ensued a flight and running combat in a tricky fog that lifted and closed down over and over again.
  • She had the good house now and that part of her discontent was closed down, so it broke out in another place.
  • Behind the main buildings it closed down into the usual mottled pattern and the medical buildings had been placed in the open areas.
  • This is not arranged as it was formerly, when the whole department, or none at all, was closed down.
  • But more probably the Sussex ironworks closed down in the main for the same reason that other southern works did.
  • Some actually closed down, with one excuse or another; but most of them pretended to go through the forms of business.
  • There had been skirmishing throughout the day, and as the darkness closed down they still heard occasional rifle shots on the slopes and ridges.
  • For a little way the river was bordered with stumpy clearings; then the dark hemlock and jack-pine woods closed down on the shores.
  • The spectacular signs and free lure show runways were closed down, for ballyhoo of a different character had taken their place for the daytime.
  • Darkness closed down as they waited, and it seemed to grow hotter than ever, while the thick white steam rose from the swamps.
  • He shook the bridle, laughed softly as the frame houses flitted by, and then grew intent when the darkness of the prairie once more closed down.
  • Immediately the dustcloud closed down on the ignited spot; in an instant the hillside was a hell of roaring, whirling, leaping flame.
  • But before the blockade closed down, four frigate actions had been fought, three of them American victories.
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