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How To Use Clothe In A Sentence?

  • For what is bread to the body if you do not also clothe the mind spiritually and mentally?
  • Passion can always contrive to clothe itself in beauty, strips itself splendid.
  • For how should we clothe ourselves, how nourish ourselves, without the agriculturist?
  • Upon these plains we can raise enough to feed and clothe twenty million people.
  • Oh, who is he that dared to clothe this sweet blossom in such an ignominious title?
  • Schiller would be virtuous if he could clothe himself in the lustre of virtue without sacrifice.
  • I am only required to feed and clothe myself, an easy task in this land of opportunity.
  • I am weaving the linen garments that shall clothe my household in the long years to come!
  • A little farther antiquarian conjecture is necessary to clothe the country with oak woods.
  • It has to feed and clothe my body by labor, the brain regulating the handicraft.
  • He prepared no phrases in which to clothe his news; facts are facts and are to be stated as facts.
  • A more vigorous age discards the laces in which the mother delights to clothe the new-born child.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Clothe | Clothe Sentence

  • He cannot clothe us all.
  • Of silke and clothe of golde.
  • I clothe it in words to guard it from my intellect.
  • But how to clothe and feed and arm our men!
  • He had also helped the priests to clothe themselves.
  • Nature does not feed, clothe and shelter man.
  • The Ainu care more to adorn than to clothe themselves.
  • Who bade the sun Clothe you with rainbows?
  • You will clothe the heathen at this rate, Maine.
  • Who bade the Sun Clothe you with rainbows?
  • Mother, clothe me; I am naked, and cannot clothe myself.
  • The poor have worked hard enough to clothe THEM.
  • Somerset had scarcely words in which to clothe his gratitude and joy.
  • They clothe him in the garment of perfections and exalted virtues.
  • They feed and clothe the teacher and heat the church and the school.
  • He answered with haste, begging me to clothe myself at once.
  • But her vocabulary offered her nothing with which to clothe those naked hours.
  • There were garments enough there to clothe five hundred children.
  • Not at all; he must clothe himself in the mantle of darkness.
  • You have beautiful thoughts, and you clothe them in beautiful words.
  • A few minutes will suffice to clothe him in bullet-proof and get on his belt.
  • To clothe the left foot before the right one is a sign of misfortune.
  • It will please me to clothe thee with what may be needful from time to time.
  • The treasuries of local speech were all too poor to clothe so wild a venture.
  • Hence we eat and drink for nourishment, and clothe ourselves for warmth.
  • Let us clothe the naked, and despise not those of our own flesh.
  • Fill her stomach, clothe her back; oil is the remedy of her limbs.
  • Do they feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and visit the sick?

Definition of Clothe

(transitive) To adorn or cover with clothing; to dress; to supply clothes or clothing. | (figuratively) To cover or invest, as if with a garment.
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