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How To Use Clouds Of In A Sentence?

  • They were beyond the line of battle and were not obscured by the clouds of smoke.
  • Behold the clouds of pollen from the blooming pines and from the grasses in the meadow.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Clouds Of | Clouds Of Sentence

  • In the clouds of heaven.
  • Clouds of steam sprang forth.
  • Clouds of doubt and apprehension gather over it.
  • Clouds of dust dimmed the air.
  • Clouds of sand envelop the fugitive.
  • Clouds of coal-dust from track.
  • All the clouds of the sky seemed to have fallen.
  • Clouds of smoke hung over the battle-field.
  • The clouds of war began to gather.
  • Confused soft clouds of music fled above me.
  • The clouds of last evening are all blown over.
  • To fade like the clouds of sunset.
  • The wind on the highroad blew up clouds of dust.
  • The air was stifling with clouds of dust and smoke.
  • Heavy clouds of mist hung around the castle.
  • Great clouds of the little pests hovered round them.
  • He blew extensive clouds of cigarette smoke.
  • The wind blew clouds of snow into his face.
  • The racers disappeared in mingled clouds of dust.
  • Days passed, bright clouds of days.
  • Clouds of blue shrapnel smoke broke around its gondola.
  • Thick clouds of blue cigar smoke filled the air.
  • Into her mind swept clouds of fresh, heavenly bloom.
  • Clouds of spray flew about, seemingly like smoke or steam.
  • In flame, in storm, in clouds of air.
  • Meantime the war-clouds of the Revolution were gathering.
  • She holds her Court in the clouds of the setting sun.
  • Why, why, dost thou not fly, on clouds of love.
  • Clouds of glory.
  • O clouds of lawn!
  • Great clouds of sparks from the woodwork above soared into the heavens.
  • Clouds of dust whirled up from under their powerful hoof-beats.
  • Clouds of pearl-coloured smoke encircled the enchanting picture.
  • And she pointed to clouds of smoke issuing from the laboratory chimney.
  • Immediately after quitting it, we were enveloped in clouds of snow.
  • The clouds of mutual mistrust and jealousy have been largely dispelled.
  • Little clouds of coruscations danced gaily like fireflies about and through it.
  • This is proved by the great clouds of steam that accompany the action.
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