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How To Use Clubhouse In A Sentence?

  • Occasionally he climbed a rounded elevation from which the clubhouse was discernible.
  • But now those last rites were over, the clubhouse was the same gay place it had been.
  • But the clubhouse was some distance away, and there were no conveyances within call.
  • The clubhouse was large and elaborate, and the grounds around it were spacious and well laid out.
  • Later others came in, evidently villagers who made a sort of a clubhouse of the place.
  • The clubhouse on the golf links was used, of course, for many other purposes besides that of golf.
  • The star athlete is appointed steward of a college clubhouse on ample pay, his duties being to sign checks once a month.
  • In the boxes, and on the clubhouse porch, were girls and women most of whom she knew, dressed as if for a garden party.
  • The major, who was himself quite a convivial spirit, attributed it to some highballs he and his friend had had in the clubhouse just prior to the game.
  • The paper outlines of big trout which covered the walls in the main room of the clubhouse told the story of the rare sport the club-members have there.
  • The women built a magnificent clubhouse on Madison Avenue, furnished it with every luxury, including a wonderful roof-garden.
  • But they often sauntered round it in their interludes of talking and smoking cigarettes, and one of them had just come down from the clubhouse to find another gazing somewhat moodily into the well.
  • And while she spoke she led me across the hall of the clubhouse and into a room full of ladies, who sat at card tables consuming very beautiful food while also preparing to resume playing the cards.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Clubhouse | Clubhouse Sentence

  • You had better come with me to the clubhouse and lie down.
  • I thought I saw him at the clubhouse a while ago.
  • The captain spun his car up in front of the clubhouse and helped Viola out.
  • Six miles north of Arlington is a clubhouse known as Sugar Tree Camp.

Definition of Clubhouse

Any building used by a club for meetings or social activities. | A locker room and possibly associated rooms used by an athletic team. | (golf) A building at a golf course that houses various activities associated with golf.
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