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  • And he heard them clucking over there.
  • The old hen went clucking anxiously about the vessel.
  • The big-eyed, clucking moose-birds were most annoying.
  • Sheldon (1934:295) records squeaking and clucking noises.
  • Goody Hawks knelt by Ben, clucking and muttering.
  • The hens were clucking to their downy chicks just out of the egg.
  • I'm taking a cow with me and a clucking hen.
  • The only sign of life was a family of hens clucking about the fold.
  • She announced this to her grandfather in soft, clucking gutturals.
  • This one looked out upon a small woodshed and two clucking hens.

How To Use Clucking In A Sentence?

  • They rushed from the coop and spread over the yard, scratching and clucking happily.
  • Near the corn-machines clucking hens passed their necks through the bars of flat cages.
  • The song ended and was followed by a chuckle, a care-free clucking of subdued mirth.
  • Ettinger made little clucking sounds with his mouth, his way of expressing joy unbounded.
  • I seated myself among the little children, but was like the clucking hen among the chickens.
  • The first was holding aloft a roomy basket of wickerwork, in which some hens were anxiously clucking and flapping their wings.
  • Then she came crashing through the bushes and brush, clucking and jerking the bridle, dashed down the bank, and plunged into the stream.
  • The priestesses gave chase to it, running round and round the house, clucking and gesticulating as if they were driving hens into a poultry-yard.
  • It was not the clucking of a grouse, though perhaps more like that than anything else, but different, somehow, in quality.
  • As no danger seems near, the cooing of the parent bird is soon a very audible clucking call, and the young move cautiously in the direction.
  • As no danger seems near, the cooing of the parent bird is soon a very audible clucking call, and the young move cautiously in the direction.
  • The clucking suddenly ceased; we heard the report of a gun, and I saw three of them fly away into the forest.
  • He then took off his coat, and, clucking to the Indian as a sign of dismissal, he got into the canoe with the activity of a boy, and pushed off.
  • Feller received the word with his clucking "La, la, la!" and hummed a tune while the connection was being made.
  • How different he looked from the dark-colored frogs which in large numbers make a multitudinous croaking and clucking in the little wild pools in spring!
  • From the thatched porch you could hear the rural clucking of poultry and the lowing of cattle, and see the sloping roof of a farm-house beyond the elms.
  • Then came the Dorkings, feathery and speckly, with ample wings outstretched, clucking common-place English to one another.

Definition of Clucking

(slang, euphemistic) fucking (as intensifier) | present participle of cluck | The action of the verb cluck; a cluck sound.
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