Clung To In A Sentence

How To Use Clung To In A Sentence?

  • For all answer he only clung to her the closer.
  • She swung around and clung to him then.
  • By the lapels of his coat she clung to him then.
  • Her lips sought his and clung to them.
  • There she clung to the rail and listened.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Clung To | Clung To Sentence

  • Aristotle clung to this.
  • We clung to each other wordlessly.
  • Agatha clung to her fondly.
  • I clung to him wistfully.
  • Still they clung to his memory.
  • His hands clung to her.
  • Ledue clung to his chair.
  • But she clung to his arm.
  • Still he clung to his work.
  • The idea clung to him.
  • She clung to him and kissed him.
  • Her fingers clung to him.
  • But she clung to him anew.
  • It clung to his tightly.
  • Involuntarily she clung to his arm.
  • Diva clung to her rights.
  • Murgatroyd clung to his neck.
  • He clung to that memory.
  • For a moment she clung to him.
  • She clung to me for a while for reassurance.
  • This thought clung to him.
  • And they clung to each other in silence.
  • She clung to him convulsively.
  • She clung to his arm.
  • She clung to him wildly.
  • She clung to him hysterically.
  • How the child clung to him!
  • She clung to him still.
  • How we have clung to you and loved you!
  • She still clung to him.
  • For an instant she clung to him.
  • And clung to our backs.
  • She was a spar to be clung to.
  • Joan clung to his hand in delight.
  • She cried and clung to him in the darkness.
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