Clustered In A Sentence

Definition of Clustered

Grouped into a cluster. | (databases, of a primary key) Used as the clustering key of a clustered index. | simple past tense and past participle of cluster

How To Use Clustered In A Sentence?

  • Around it all the humble hopes and pleasures of the man had clustered for years.
  • And fortunately the aliens were all clustered close to the oval far from that spot.
  • But the stars are the clustered and single gleaming lights in the night-sky of our world.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Clustered | Clustered Sentence

  • His fellows clustered about him.
  • The others clustered around.
  • We clustered round the mouth.
  • Now they clustered about her in plain anxiety.
  • In a few moments the six were clustered together.
  • In it the black shadows clustered thickly.
  • Behind him were clustered four hinds and a calf.
  • The fowls clustered around her noisily.
  • Other lights were clustered where the one plane had been.
  • Behind him were clustered a number of inferior chiefs.
  • The true flowers are small and clustered in the centre.
  • Are the leaflets clustered on the end of the leaf-stalk?
  • Her children in that dark hour clustered around her.
  • Confertim: closely clustered or crowded.
  • Suddenly the clustered throng of strikers broke and fled.
  • Botryoidal: clustered like a bunch of grapes.
  • Beyond rises the clustered town confined within its walls.
  • They clustered close, their shields held before them.
  • In spite of this, many clustered about one of the boats.
  • Critically studying the gift, the family clustered around.
  • The sky was cloudless, and the stars clustered in myriads.
  • The others clustered round Merry.
  • About the entrance to the mine clustered a number of buildings.
  • The women were clustered before the wares he exposed in his trays.
  • The boys clustered in the bow and looked anxiously over to the bar.
  • They clustered round the horse and seized upon the trappings.
  • He pushed his way unsteadily through the men clustered at the bar.
  • Dalgard could not even see the clustered buildings of the city now.
  • Even the children clustered around him and clung to his arms and legs.
  • Several buildings were clustered on either side of the main highway.
  • The shafts supporting the vault are very richly clustered and varied.
  • A shout was raised by the remainder of the crew clustered on the quarter-deck.
  • They clustered around my companions with every mark of respect and admiration.
  • These shapes clustered most thickly around an immense calcified mound.
  • The men were all anxious, and clustered again at the rear of the station.
  • The sturdy little craft were clustered thick as ants on either beam.
  • They hang on slender stalks, clustered where the leaves were attached.

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