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  • First there was the clutter of stones around him.
  • Get rid of things that clutter it up.
  • Don't clutter up any more range with homesteadin' herds.
  • Why clutter up the proceedings with a lot of unnecessary rhetoric?
  • Why, the ship was not yet at sea, and in all the clutter of charging.

How To Use Clutter In A Sentence?

  • Caleb had left everything in a clutter and she scarcely knew where to begin her search.
  • That which was winsome was unwinding and a clutter a single clutter showed the black white.
  • The men worked in a clutter of buntings, assembling the flags in nervous haste.
  • It was then that the pleasant room with its clutter of costly futilities disappeared and this agreeable woman ceased to be.
  • Wherefore the tribe does not increase, nor do the little children longer clutter the way of our feet.
  • Tom stood up and gazed around, trying to discern the anciently familiar configuration of the land under its clutter of buildings.
  • The still loneliness of desertion held fast the clutter of sheds and old stables roofed with dirt and rotting hay.
  • An hour later the train ran into another little clutter of buildings and drew up, puffing, at the station.
  • Walking so, a few paces between them, they passed by the bar, through the clutter of men about the door and out upon the narrow sidewalk.
  • They reached the shelf of the dip twenty yards from the carcass of the bull, and from a clutter of big stones looked forth upon their meat.
  • Almost, I would rather have had him lie under one of those strange, enormous tombstones like stone cupboards or tables which clutter the graveyard.
  • At night the electric Niagara hides the squalid fronts of ugly brick, the dark doorways, the clutter of fire-escapes, the rickety wooden hoardings.
  • He could have their files impounded, which would clutter everything with a great many more pieces of paper, and none of the pieces of paper would do any good to him.

Definition of Clutter

To fill something with clutter. | (obsolete, intransitive) To clot or coagulate, like blood. | To make a confused noise; to bustle.
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