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  • I now read all the advertisements of coaches and hotels that were stuck about the mantel-piece.
  • There are only half a dozen coaches, and one of these is for luggage and another is a restaurant.
  • It was a sooty train, made up of three coaches and a combination baggage and smoking car.
  • It was natural that horses, coaches, and sporting subjects should be favorites for tavern signs.
  • South of the Potomac there were no public coaches, and the traveler generally rode on horseback.
  • It was made up of several coaches and a baggage car; but Rod did not care to ride in any of these.
  • The "London Magazine" of that month says there were eight hundred coaches and chairs.
  • That university continued the traditional dual contest of coaches and physical directors with their conflicting ideals.
  • It was like a fair there, with the number of riders and coaches and horses and people that were gathered in it.
  • The day coaches and smokers usually get thinned out a little by ten o'clock at night.
  • The Prince was followed on that occasion by a number of his friends, both in coaches and on horseback.
  • And she had ladies-in-waiting and coaches and carriages and all sorts of splendor, and the wedding was celebrated with joy and great magnificence.
  • The highest fares were of course on the mail-coaches and fast day-coaches; the lower rates were on the heavy night-coaches.
  • There was no one on the road, but in spite of that Tartarin reckoned that lions were not like coaches and would not stick to the highway.
  • He drove to our inn in the forepart of every day, one of what were called the fast coaches, and afterwards took back the corresponding vehicle.
  • Professor Ramsay says it is not so now: the professors have become pedagogic coaches, and the students grind rather than study.
  • They were taken from the coaches and laid upon stools in the open air, and the beater held a rod, usually of hazel, in each hand.
  • He said his orders were to drop us at Hackensack and bring back the coaches; and sure enough he turned about and back he went.
  • There were parades and elaborate coaches and gorgeous uniforms and fine outriders and all the other paraphernalia so dear to the heart of the gaping multitude.
  • The use of steam in the vessels that navigate the ocean has had an effect very similar to the replacing of stage-coaches and freight wagons by the locomotive.
  • For we see many things with our eyes while they are in doing, as those things which the coachmen do while they drive and turn their coaches and in like manner other things.
  • He happened to glance out and noticed that their car was on a siding and that numerous other tracks contained many coaches and freight cars of different kinds.
  • The noblemen's coaches sent thither to accompany him went first, then followed his two coaches, and last the Queen's coaches.
  • People were shy of trusting themselves on board, and parties interested in the stage-coaches and sailing vessels, spread all sorts of absurd reports about her.
  • You will not have the heart after that to slander honest old presses that go like mail coaches, and are good to last you your lifetime without needing repairs of any sort.
  • As we proceeded across we met numbers of sledges, coaches, and omnibuses driving over the ice along a track made in the deep snow not far from our bridge.
  • For some years after its destruction a platform that led from the house to the roadside, on a level with the floors of the coaches and post-chaises, survived; but only the cellars now remain.
  • Despite the fear of foreign war and the rage of parties, the city was prosperous and the increase of chariots, coaches, and chaises so great as to cause remark.
  • When, the stage began running between Cheyenne and Deadwood, these outlaws robbed coaches and passengers, often making big hauls of plunder.
  • That very day the feast began; it was fine to see the multitudes of coaches and people on foot and on horseback who crowded to the palace, and filled every room according to their rank.
  • They skip backward and forward on the coaches, and actually carry on stock-jobbing in Change Alley, though they reside at Brighton.
  • A train made up of day coaches and Pullman sleepers broke through a wooden trestle and landed in a frightful mass of twisted wreckage on the bottom of a ravine some eighty feet below.
  • After they had paid the expenses of the 'amateur' teams, the coaches, and the advertising, they announced that there was nothing left for the Belgians.
  • I was half tempted to wonder whether the world, which had grown out of stage coaches and sailing ships and Italian opera, had not grown out of grief at the same time.
  • She lived in Paris, making a display quite unsuited to her rank, and had even carried it so far as to go about with two coaches and many liveried servants.

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  • It was filled with coaches and fours.
  • They asked us all to go to our coaches and wait.
  • Their unwieldy Coaches, and scrub Liveries, 106.
  • There were then few hackney coaches, and we both got into one sedan-chair.
  • Cannot a man do without King's Coaches and Cloaks?
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