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  • It, however, coagulates very soon, and becomes as hard and tenacious as glue.

How To Use Coagulates In A Sentence?

  • Albumen is without color, taste, or smell, and it coagulates by heat, acids, and alcohol.
  • Even such organisation as is implied by a creed is to be avoided, for all living faith coagulates as you phrase it.
  • Either of these methods of fixation coagulates the albuminous material and ensures perfect adhesion of the film to the cover-slip.
  • The strong heat instantly coagulates the albumen by searing it, thus retaining all its juices and flavor.
  • The milky juice is neutral and coagulates rapidly, separating in two parts: a kind of insoluble pulp and a limpid colorless serum.
  • An acid juice infused, From the dried stomach drawn of suckling calf, Coagulates the whole.

Definition of Coagulates

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of coagulate
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