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Definition of Coagulating

present participle of coagulate

How To Use Coagulating In A Sentence?

  • It differs from albumen by possessing the property of coagulating at all temperatures.
  • In some modern designs it is proposed to place the coagulating tanks in a separate building.
  • In each cup is a little water to prevent the latex from coagulating and sticking to the bottom.
  • Glazed-tile tanks are employed, the capacity of each being approximately equivalent to that of each unit coagulating tank.
  • The combination of this practice with the employment of shallow coagulating tanks has simplified working and reduced the cost of labour.
  • Uniform coagulating tanks are installed, and the methods and quantities of chemicals employed are carefully standardised.
  • Heat destroys the delicate flavor of many fruits, and makes others indigestible by coagulating their albumen.
  • Almost without exception, irrespective of the material used in the construction of coagulating tanks, wooden partitions are employed.
  • It possesses the property of coagulating albumen, and separating the whey of milk from its curd, and afterwards completely dissolving the curd.
  • There is considerable truth in the suggestion that the coagulating room and machine room should be as "spick and span" as a modern home dairy.
  • The undissolved particles sink to the bottom of the coagulating jar or tank, and there slowly dissolve, forming local strong solutions.
  • The latex flows by means of a chute into the coagulating tanks, passing through a large "60 mesh" sieve.
  • Primarily this standard has a direct connection and interdependence with the distance between the partitions (or between the slots) in coagulating tanks.
  • Given the conditions indicated above, the tearing and splitting of rubber in coagulating tanks is sometimes augmented by the practice of flooding the tanks when coagulation is judged to be complete.
  • For the reception and subsequent handling of the latex various schemes have been devised, and they are usually planned in connection with coagulating tanks used in the preparation chiefly of sheet rubber.
  • Investigations have shown that alum, even in minimum proportions, has an appreciably harmful effect upon the quality of the rubber prepared by its use as a coagulating agent.
  • The coolie thus stands on the verandah where he removes coagulated lump and impurities from the latex, which is then poured down the chute, passing through the sieve into large coagulating jars or tanks.

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  • Below, on the right, coagulating tanks.

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