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  • For coal is a portable climate.
  • Still, the coal did not come.
  • Some boats are loaded with coal or lumber.
  • The oxygen causes the glowing coal to burst into a flame.
  • Of course, the coal was bound to follow.
  • We could bring up coal now at any hour or all day long.
  • But I don't reckon that coal is goin' to run away.
  • Consequently they are designed to fly when filled with coal gas if necessary.
  • Soon afterwards a live coal flew out of the fire and joined their company.
  • Great coal breakers stood out against the landscape like gaunt skeletons.
  • A dealer in kitchen candlesticks, coal skuttles, coppers, and cauldrons.
  • Great quantities of coal and iron are mined in the Eastern Highlands.
  • He would not have done much with coal and iron lands," observed the banker.

How To Use Coal In A Sentence?

  • This substance is formed when coal and lime are heated together in an electric furnace.
  • You can make more by raising coal in one year than you can by raising cattle all your life.
  • When a lump of coal is broken the pieces do not differ from the original lump save in size.
  • In place of the hydrogen and oxygen the more accessible coal gas and air are respectively used.
  • We have a great quantity of lumber, stone, coal and iron for making our comfortable homes.
  • Then a coal slipped, the fire crackled and sent up a spurt of flame, and he woke with a start.
  • If coal were to run out in England, to what a premium would turf rise in Ireland!
  • Heaps of coal have been found to be on fire when spontaneous combustion offered the only possible explanation.
  • But his cigar was so good that he was determined not to stir until the coal began to tickle the end of his nose.
  • Still it may be that he is acquainted with the place, and that what he really wants is coal and vegetables.
  • When coal is burned it causes the engine to move and transports the loaded cars from place to place.
  • He led the way down the shaky wooden steps and cheered up to tell me of his way of checking his coal consumption.
  • He always did this before the heap was placed in the rubbish box and dumped out of a side window into a coal box standing beneath it.
  • The price of coal shows the narrowness of the coal-field, and a compulsory confinement of the miners to a certain district.
  • It is however pretended, that the enormous consumption of coal in the island is also felt in modifying the general climate.
  • It is sometimes used as a material for the inflation of balloons, but usually the much cheaper coal gas is substituted for it.
  • Thus we find that coal burns in air, gunpowder explodes when ignited, milk sours when exposed to air.
  • Then, before the second discoveries, and before any coal veins were located on the other side of the valley, the gold veins pinched out.
  • Then she turned and glanced quickly at the black breakers of the coal shaft, half a mile away; then at the golf-players.
  • Again, the energy of coal may be converted into energy of heat and subsequently of motion, as when it is used as a fuel in steam engines.
  • If two balloons of exactly the same weight before inflation are filled, one with the comparatively heavy coal gas which weighs 1/2 oz.
  • The sleepy maid took a coal upon a chip, instead of matches, and this primitive custom saved her from horribly drowning.
  • It is formed when organic matter, such as coal or wood, is heated in closed vessels, and is therefore a principal constituent of coal gas.
  • The bean, who was a careful fellow, had stayed on the bank, to watch how the coal got across, before trusting himself to such a slender bridge.
  • From the pits of South Wales comes the coal which is the navy's black breath of life.
  • When a lump of coal is burned ashes and invisible gases are formed which are entirely different in composition and properties from the original coal.
  • The presence of the oxygen is shown by lighting the end of a splint, extinguishing the flame and bringing the glowing coal into the mouth of the tube.

Definition of Coal

(intransitive) To take on a supply of coal (usually of steam ships). | (transitive) To supply with coal. | (intransitive) To be converted to charcoal.

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