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  • Why not have our coaling station there?
  • A big gang of darkies were coaling the ship.
  • With the actual coaling I had nothing to do.
  • The Maltese methods of coaling are worth seeing.
  • Pouch feed for Coaling fire without removing lids.
  • Immense stocks of coal are kept at various coaling stations.
  • They were busy at the coaling wharf just then, and I got put on.

How To Use Coaling In A Sentence?

  • The results given by this system of coaling at sea are relatively satisfactory.
  • The coaling of a large vessel by this appliance has the advantage of economizing hand labour.
  • There is little more room for difference of opinion upon them than there is about the coaling of engines.
  • Then they had light variable winds, and their provisions were once more running out when they drew abreast of a little coaling port.
  • At daylight in the morning the coaling was begun; the provisions and stores were all looked over, and all deficiencies were supplied.
  • Meanwhile, feverish activity prevails in our dockyards; our fleet is coaling and being supplied with everything necessary.
  • The ships did not roll, being kept bows-on to the swell, which became heavy before the coaling was completed.
  • The port was a regular coaling station and some other craft would come along; if not, we could stay where we were.
  • After coaling is finished, a fleet of rowing boats with dragnets collect the ill-gotten coal from the bottom of the sea.
  • They were fruit peddlers, shipping and coaling clerks, and he sighed with disappointment as he next swept his eyes along the mole.
  • Aden is a coaling station as well as a missionary centre and passengers travelling to the Orient nearly always stop here on the way.
  • It was formerly the principal coaling and shipping station in this part of India; but all this has gone to Colombo.
  • The coaling of vessels in this manner seems a success, but it would be desirable to increase the carrying capacity of the cableway or to duplicate the installations.
  • The negotiations which I had to carry out on this question of the munitions traffic concerned themselves also with the question of the coaling of our ships of war.
  • The islands are regularly visited by vessels of the Messageries Maritimes fleet, and a coaling station for the French navy has been established.

Definition of Coaling

present participle of coal | The supplying of a ship with coal.
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