Cockleshell In A Sentence

Definition of Cockleshell

The shell of a cockle (or similar shell). | A small, flimsy boat.

How To Use Cockleshell In A Sentence?

  • Wolfe stepped into the cockleshell which was her own, and went for a row upon the bay.
  • Jerry, in the little cockleshell of a dinghy, was whirling past as this cry rang out.
  • But as soon as she got outside the oil radius the frail cockleshell of a boat was tossed about like a cork, and more than once it looked as if she must inevitably be swamped and capsized.
  • Below Paspahegh a cockleshell of a boat carrying a great white sail overtook me, and I was hailed by young Hamor.
  • But it was soon found that, as the cockleshell had no rudder, and the intricacies they had to wind among were numerous, frequent directions and corrections were called for from the girl.

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