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  • He was so cocksure of himself and of her that he could not believe she was in earnest.
  • Handel is bright, shining, confident, cocksure that all is right with the world.
  • No sentimental nonsense here, but earnest, cocksure intent, after his own heart.
  • I want to go out and help lambaste those infernally cocksure armies of that jelly-and-cream King.
  • Secondly, it is not easy after all to be cocksure as to what men will or will not agree to until they are directly faced with the task of decision.
  • And this time nobody was making cocksure statements that this was an anomaly, something that would never happen again.
  • If the city would only burn, that his cocksure judgment might for once be mistaken, his calmness for once broken!
  • On her knees beside the couch there, the second waistcoat was already taking shape beneath the cocksure needles.
  • There is but one thing they are neither of them quite cocksure about, and that is whether I am mad or sane.
  • Dare Shaughnessy, so cocksure of his evil hold upon the city, thrust such a candidate upon his party?
  • He brings home a few trinkets made to sell, some cocksure criticisms of customs, people, and missionaries, and a swelled head.
  • They are such supremely cocksure fools that they can not be made to believe that another so-called civilized nation would act as they, in their egoism, would be ashamed to act!

Definition of Cocksure

(informal) too confident; overconfident
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