Cocky In A Sentence

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  • He's pretty cocky this mornin'.
  • Jeff looked at him in admiration, he was so cocky and so sure.
  • Jolly proud and cocky your dresses ought to feel at this price!
  • There's no use in letting a few wild Irish or cocky Germans scare us.

How To Use Cocky In A Sentence?

  • I began to get cocky too, and took a few glances at the audience out of the corner of my eye.
  • The Tenderfoot thrust his hat over one eye, rested hand on hip in a manner cocky to behold.
  • And Pretty Cocky crept towards him, and rubbed its head against him and chuckled with joy.
  • And when John Broom grasped him by both legs and began to descend, Cocky pecked him vigorously.
  • That cocky conceit of himself has gotten the paleface into uncounted trouble; and then brought him victoriously through it.
  • But in a quarter of a minute, Cocky had sailed a quarter of a mile, and was rocking himself on the top of an old willow-tree.
  • There never was such a little man as Mr. Binney for getting knocked down flat and picking himself up again as cocky as ever.
  • Perhaps, he told himself, Tom really didn't know anything about that plaguey book, but even so he needn't get so cocky about it!
  • The name stood out in bolder letters than any of the other words, and as Mrs. Darling gazed she felt that it had an oddly cocky appearance.

Definition of Cocky

Overly confident, arrogant and boastful. | Abbreviation of cockatoo; used when pretending to talk to such a bird, as in "hello cocky". | (Australia, New Zealand, colloquial) A cockatoo farmer.
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