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How To Use Cod In A Sentence?

  • The large fish-hook was for ocean cod fishing or possibly for snagging sturgeon in the river.
  • She ordered a brace of cod from the poulterer, and a pound of anchovies at the crockery shop.
  • The cod bit almost immediately, and for ten minutes the work was exciting and lively.
  • If the patient is weak and very much emaciated, cod liver oil is an excellent remedy.
  • The manufacture of cod liver oil is bad enough, but that of shark oil is even worse.
  • Almost the only fresh supplies obtained here were rock cod and salmon-trout from Disco fiord.
  • The boys were yet commenting on it noisily, when Ian put a large cod beside it.
  • The Cape Cod men had been with him but a short time, and he was not well acquainted with them.
  • They've been cruisin' all the way from Cape Cod to Kamchatky in a motor boat with no power to it.
  • Such, as nearly as I can recollect, was the tenor of the tale told by the Cape Cod whaler.
  • The Christian Indians of Cape Cod showed their faithfulness and courage in this melancholy affair.
  • A whaler bound for New Bedford was coming up Cape Cod one night long after dark.
  • The cod here seemed quite as much interested in looking at us through a glass window as we were in looking at them.
  • There is a nice little harbor there if it comes on to blow, and two miles out are some good cod grounds.
  • Every morning Aunt Dosy gave Little White Barbara cod liver oil to make her fat.
  • If he hadn't been tangled up in his cod line, so we could haul him up by that, he'd have been down yet.
  • He hauled up, and gave a shout of satisfaction as he pulled a cod of fully ten pounds weight from the water.
  • In these cold regions, where grass is scarce, the cod heads and herrings are used as fodder for cattle.
  • It was as short as it was fierce, however, and ended amid the cod and the mussels from the overturned bait bucket.
  • He lit the fire, he cooked a cod he had brought home with him, he ate himself and fed the little one.
  • Boxes of dried foods such as fruit, cod fish and so forth should be stacked, each kind in a pile and placed on the platform.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cod | Cod Sentence

  • Salted cod cwt.
  • To this rule salt cod is an exception.
  • A cod for the chowder was not so easily secured.
  • Select two slices of cod or other sliced fish.
  • Do you think the old cod really lost money as he claimed?
  • Cape Cod shoals turn back the Mayflower, 177, 186, n. 7.
  • Like a cod you're doubled up head and tail.
  • Likely more barrels of the salt cod had gone bad and ought to be hunted out.
  • Harold Bell Wright Cape Cod Stories . .
  • Now we have got among cod there is no fear of our not getting plenty of food.
  • Salt beef once a day and dry cod were perhaps the most usual dishes.
  • Soak the cod all night in 2 parts water, and one part vinegar.
  • The cod smelt fishy; so did the bait, and the catboat rolled and rolled.
  • I myself send great quantities of cod to Hamburg by steamer.
  • Cape Cod Stories.= By Joseph C. Lincoln.
  • Map of Cape Cod 37 9.
  • And then, there were those two Cape Cod men, who went off first.
  • Cape Cod Bay lay to the south of us, about fifteen miles distant.
  • For nearly a month the Pilgrims explored the shores of Cape Cod Bay.

Definition of Cod

Having the character of imitation; jocular. (now usually attributive, forming mostly compound adjectives). | (Polari) Bad. | (slang, transitive, dialectal) To attempt to deceive or confuse.
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