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  • They had been codified and canonized.

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  • Hesiod codified certain priestly and Delphian theories about their origin and genealogies.
  • They were relations that were readily codified and made invariable, since they had no essential practical content or function.
  • Many of the principles laid down by him are also found among the laws attributed to Moses which were afterward codified in the early decalogues.
  • But eventually a winner emerges that becomes codified into published technical dictionaries as well as the everyday interactions of the nontechnical user.
  • THE penal system codified by Innocent III was rather liberally interpreted in France and Italy.
  • His own contribution, which he regarded as a partial solution only, was that the difference depends in part upon the period at which the customs of a people become codified in written law.

Definition of Codified

simple past tense and past participle of codify
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