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  • Slang must be coeval with the race.
  • The poor-house is an institution coeval with the capital.
  • One hoary member is coeval with the Confessor.
  • She was, and is, coeval with the Jurassic Period.
  • It is the old, sad strain, of coeval birth with poetry itself.

How To Use Coeval In A Sentence?

  • Instinct is a primitive and general instigation, coeval and conterminous with life.
  • Like most of its coeval collections, its foundations are laid with massive folios.
  • Her birth was nearly coeval with that of our republic, many of whose fathers she knew.
  • The alien or denizen could have no share in any institution supposed to be coeval with the State.
  • This theory is very ancient, probably coeval with the first ages of Buddhism.
  • The apotheosis of the king is thus coeval with the rise of Semitic domination in Babylonia.
  • When we endeavour to trace this species of figurative sentiment to its origin, we find it coeval with literature itself.
  • The chancel is divided from the nave by a fine open oak screen, coeval with the larger part of the building.
  • For the use of wheels, or a system of gearing to all kinds of motive machinery is coeval with the first dawn of mechanical science.
  • Handles, for instance, may have been indigenous to a number of arts; they are coeval and coextensive with culture.
  • But in all that are necessary, the effect must be coeval with the cause; as the stream is with the fountain, and light with the sun.
  • As their subjugation to Assyria is coeval with the founding of that kingdom, so is their liberation coeval with the fall of it.
  • There is no doubt that this formula is a very ancient one, probably coeval with the first age of Buddhism.
  • I felt that I was listening to a voice coeval with creation, and that ceased not either by night or day!
  • If so, then women have an inherited right, almost wide as the world, and coeval with history, to practise medicine.
  • Generous Britain, not more renowned in arts and arms, than in mercy and benevolence; may thy supremacy be coeval with thy humanity!
  • To illustrate a few ballads, the earliest of which is hardly coeval with James V. such an enquiry would be equally difficult and vain.
  • So dined Addison for his last thirty years; so dined Pope, who was coeval with the revolution through his entire life.
  • Some kinds of forest-trees are remarkable for their duration, and specimens are in existence seemingly coeval with the date of the present order of things on our globe.
  • There were a few broken articles of furniture about the room, and in the centre stood a heavy deal table and a large arm-chair, both of which had the look of being coeval with the mansion.
  • I say unnatural, because in the common course of things, the origin of such establishments ought to be coeval only with an entire occupation of the soil, and redundancy of population.

Definition of Coeval

Of the same age; contemporary. | Something of the same era. | Somebody of the same age.
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