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  • When George Cohan, in the "Miracle Man", had the cure that attracted attention to the "new prophet" occur with regard to a lame boy, he was eminently wise in the selection of just the type of case that could very readily be cured that way, and yet the fact that the boy had been lame for years and now walked perfectly made the healer seem a veritable wonder worker.
  • But I notice that Hitchcock and George M. Cohan go on drawing big audiences every night--yes, and the swellest, best-dressed, smartest people in New York and Brooklyn, too

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  • Because me'n Georgie Cohan, we jest aims to amuse.
  • I must suggest it to my friend Cohan."
  • R93447, 10Apr52, Agnes M. Cohan (W) COHEN, OCTAVUS ROY.
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