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  • In its greed for gain the nation coined the bodies and souls of men into money.
  • By the decree of 1472, 36 of these lira were to be coined out of the mark of silver.
  • Cowards who fear the consequences of their deeds have coined the word of philosophic Anarchism.
  • She was deeply laden with plate and coined money, and carried 620 jars of wine and brandy.
  • The gold piece of 10 marks was therefore coined at a tale of 139-1/2 to the pound of fine gold.
  • But he soon drew back, startled by the sight of fifty broken boxes overflowing with coined money.
  • The Greeks, who were very fond of this race, coined a proverbial phrase from it.
  • In mountain-veins, walls underground, Is gold, both coined and uncoined, to be found.
  • In testimony of this attitude they coined for their oversea kindred numerous nicknames which were more expressive than complimentary.
  • Small silver pieces were coined for children and the poor, and distributed in remembrance of the festivals.
  • The nation was indeed filled with them, and in six months a million of guineas was coined out of them.
  • Gold pieces were principally coined, and in proportion as gold was coined it became more and more difficult to coin silver.
  • We want no gold in the form of dust or crystal; but we seek for it coined because in that form it will pay baker and butcher.
  • The low price of copper allows of it being coined at an enormous profit, and advantage has been taken of this to a dangerous extent.
  • And do they not squander with cosmopolitan grace fortunes coined by American factory children and cotton slaves?
  • Rothschild, who has coined the blood and tears of the world into the gold napoleons of his income, has one vote at the parliamentary elections.
  • It is the general mint of all famous lies, which are here like the legends of popery, first coined and stamped in the church.
  • John agreed that this was an excellent and a C├Žsarean (he coined the adjective on this occasion) reason.
  • In Spain the mark of silver was coined into 130 maravedis in the year 1312, and into 2210 maravedis in 1474.
  • As now, multifarious stockjobbing, so then, illegal traffic in coined metal, was to a great extent the plague of commercial towns.
  • In this third period the first change which France made in her silver monies was in 1674, when she for a time coined 4-sol.
  • As there is no existing word, our definition would perhaps be more accurate if we coined some word like 'ruddered' as the correlative of 'rudder'.
  • The mark of fine silver was to be coined into 10 florins 43-11/67 kreutzers, and the thaler was fixed at 24 groschen (=72 kreutzers).
  • They continued to be coined in Southern German states and in Hanover up to the middle of the eighteenth century.
  • In the time of the Second Babylonian empire stamped or coined money was introduced, as well as pieces of five or more shekels.
  • Among the many phrases which Germans have coined to describe Belgium the following occur: bastard, eunuch and hermaphrodite.
  • A little consideration and reflection upon words which have been coined in our own time shows that language offers an abstract and brief chronicle of social psychology.

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  • Troy was to be coined into 3s.
  • No one knows who coined the name.
  • He had coined money; now he has not a penny of his own.
  • There was also to be coined 125,000,000 marks in silver.
  • Valois coined them of fine gold, and 3 deniers 16 grs.
  • Guineas coined at Omdurman, 210.
  • From 1282, 67 ducats were coined from the Venetian mark.
  • The dollar was coined and it was known as the Trade Dollar.
  • Money, not coined until centuries after his death, is mentioned.
  • This is supposed to be a word coined to express the sound (comp.
  • The day had been coined on purpose, with my favourite south-east wind.
  • Mr. Isham, the president of the bank, coined a phrase about him.
  • It went by the name of Bufru, coined by a cunning forger of Turkish.

Definition of Coined

simple past tense and past participle of coin
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