Cold In In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Cold In | Cold In Sentence

  • Is it a cold in their heads?
  • All she has is a cold in her head.
  • Achilles with a cold in the head.
  • It was icy cold in there.
  • He always had a cold in his head.
  • There is nothing cold in all your nature.
  • It was almost cold in its intensity.
  • I always had a cold in the head.
  • Serve very cold in a glass bowl.
  • It was nipping cold in the morning.
  • Everywhere his reception was cold in the extreme.
  • And his blood ran cold in his veins.
  • And the song of the sea was cold in his ears.
  • All below lay clear and cold in the sunlight.
  • Cold in the head = nazkataro.
  • Is it as cold in the middle as the outside cuts are?
  • I grew ice-cold in a moment.
  • Emma shivered all over as she felt it cold in her mouth.
  • So in the ice-cold in the night he quailed.
  • But supposing that man has a cold in one ear.
  • But ere fifteen laid cold in death!
  • The sky is green and cold in our windows to the east.
  • It was bitterly cold in the mists of the early morning.
  • It is cold in the loft, for we have to be saving of fuel.
  • The brethren must have suffered much from cold in winter.
  • His blood fairly ran cold in his veins at the thought.
  • Back in the woods lay four bodies cold in death.
  • It was deadly (deathly) cold in the cave.
  • It may be fed warm, or cold in the form of a jelly.
  • Cloete thinks he never felt so cold in all his life. . .
  • Perhaps I took cold in the wood.
  • There was snow, of course, lying cold in the hot sun.
  • She had taken cold in the dressing-room at Cheyenne.
  • It was cold in the city, and I was alone.
  • It was dreadfully cold in the pit: and I thought dull.

How To Use Cold In In A Sentence?

  • It was certainly very cold in the Pass of Angostura.
  • The blood of Billy King ran cold in his veins.
  • I'd really like to, but I'll get cold in my legs.
  • Oh, but I was cold In the summer weather!
  • You're letting the cold in!
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