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How To Use Colder In A Sentence?

  • If we should travel north we should find the climate growing colder and colder.
  • And so it went on for some years, each winter getting colder than that which had gone before.
  • It grew colder hourly; and the snowflakes became as hard and sharp as grains of coarse powder.
  • Norway is united to Sweden, but it is still colder in winter and hotter in summer.
  • The officer had been at Cold Harbor, but he felt himself getting colder this time.
  • It was colder this morning, but we have had exquisite weather, really, ever since we left England.
  • It follows from the above statement that the colder a body becomes the smaller will be its dimensions.
  • Clouds more generally form in the upper regions of the atmosphere because it is normally colder in the higher regions.
  • One is that the air is very much colder than at sea-level, and the other that it is very much lighter in weight.
  • We deduce from these facts that the higher we go the colder it becomes; and this we find to be the case.
  • They will only make us shallower in our understandings, colder in our hearts, and feebler in our wits.
  • The weather grew colder each day, and with the drop in the thermometer came gray skies and rough seas.
  • It felt much colder as he came close to the water, and the sudden roll of the river sounded awesome.
  • They tried to beguile the weary hours with conversation, but time dragged heavily and the car grew colder and colder.
  • The rains have begun, and the air is colder and more refreshing, though not exactly what one could wish.
  • A print that is forced by long development will suffer in tone, the result being colder and less satisfactory as regards vigor.
  • He only received a cold and polite note, saying her refusal was final, and the more he burned the colder would her bosom grow.
  • He had a delicate chest, and one night, when it was colder than usual, he caught a cold which soon turned into consumption.
  • And Robert's letters seemed to grow colder and colder, and everything was sad together.
  • He would not believe I had never been in England till the day before, but his cordiality was no colder for that.
  • How just and reasonable it would seem to be that flowers which edge the ice in July should consent to bloom in lowlands no colder in February!
  • The torrid zone endows the native birds with brilliant plumage, while the colder North gives its feathered tribes the winning charm of melody.
  • It is colder here, if anything, than outside, for the draughts are always at once; but we must in Persia be thankful for small mercies.
  • For more than half a century the island has been the resort of invalids from colder climes in search of health, especially those laboring under pulmonary affections.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Colder | Colder Sentence

  • It was colder than the others.
  • The colder countries round the door.
  • He suddenly felt her hand grow colder in his.
  • This quickly gave way to a colder gleam.
  • I dare not trust mine to a colder medium than poetry.
  • The blue eyes grew colder and sterner than ever.
  • In the higher, colder woods not a bird was to be seen.
  • The waters of this stream are much colder than those of the lake.
  • Mars is evidently a colder and more aged planet than the earth.
  • Perhaps by contrast her tone seemed colder than ever as she answered him.
  • Ah, it was colder on the road there than struggling with the cold water!
  • What cold was colder than the eternal absolute zero of outer space?
  • It was colder than the day before; and the clouds hung thicker and lower.
  • The water being much colder than in the outlet, the trout were more plentiful.
  • But it is much colder in here than outside,' I said.
  • Here the knife is, cold and gleaming, Here the colder butcher band.

Definition of Colder

comparative form of cold: more cold
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