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  • Susan Colgate was a pretty maiden at Jamestown, whose charms John Stevens had praised in his wife's presence.
  • Beal, James McGraw, John Fitzpatrick, George Breedy, Edward Colgate, William Luke and many others have built new houses or renovated old ones.
  • The Pacific Gas and Electric Company, of San Francisco, controls the waters of the South Yuba river, and its Colgate plant is on the main Yuba, though it obtains some of its water supply from the North Yuba.
  • The price placed upon this group ($2,000) prevented its immediate sale; but in a short time another group of orang utans, similar in composition but of a very different design, was ordered by Mr. Robert Colgate, of New York, for the American Museum of Natural History, and prepared by the writer at Professor Ward's establishment.
  • "_Feller citizens,_" says the paper, "_this beautiful city of yourn is destined to rival South McAlester and Colgate.
  • I like these girls and boys_. [Illustration: COLGATE & CO. NEW YORK] VIOLET TOILET WATER.

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  • Madison (now Colgate) Univ.
  • Colgate Columbia River
  • You were seen holding converse with Susan Colgate."

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