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  • He generally collapses before a remark like this.
  • It collapses with a blot half licked off.
  • Or else it collapses with comical resignation.
  • Mrs. Page collapses many an evening when she gets to her room.
  • An Airy Structure Collapses 207 VIII.

How To Use Collapses In A Sentence?

  • It is none the less the corner-stone of the whole system, and when it finally collapses it will bring down other doctrines with it.
  • At this the poor doe collapses altogether; her knees give way beneath her, and bowing her head she remains beside her young.
  • If the play is bad and falls flat, all that we have put into it, our work, our talent, a bit of our own life, collapses with it.
  • Wardrop is robbed, or says he is: the bank collapses and Clarkson, driven to the wall, kills himself, just after Fleming is murdered.
  • When one of these "bubble" companies collapses it is tacitly assumed by unthinking people that those who invested their money in it were foolish persons who might have sought and found some better investment.

Definition of Collapses

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of collapse | plural of collapse
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