Collateral In A Sentence

Definition of Collateral

Parallel, along the same vein, side by side. | Corresponding; accompanying, concomitant. | Being aside from the main subject, target, or goal; tangential, subordinate, ancillary.

How To Use Collateral In A Sentence?

  • It is too convenient as collateral and can be reached too easily in the case of failure.
  • Nowadays the collateral is usually deposited here in care of a banker or trust company.
  • Sometimes one note is given as collateral security for another which is discounted.
  • It is to these collateral issues that the amateur in prophecy must give his attention.
  • There were no collateral symptoms to furnish any evidence of organic cerebral trouble.
  • The distance traversed is merely a collateral consequence of the process as a whole.
  • There might be collateral sources of income, but these were doubtful and irregular.
  • A group of collateral interests supports the enterprise and yields valuable results.
  • Beside, you do not take collateral matter into the case from which you draw your inference.
  • But these things form only the main outline of a story with a vast amount of collateral interest.
  • The former permit advances to be made by bankers upon the merchandise as collateral security.
  • I am an admirer of tea, for itself, however, caring little about its collateral qualities.
  • In his bright radiance and collateral light Must I be comforted, not in his sphere.
  • Then followed a good deal of collateral evidence that the police had gathered up and spliced together.
  • Francis joined in this topic for a while, but speedily diverged into what might be called a collateral theme.
  • If goods decline in value as collateral in storage the company will demand additional margin for its protection.
  • The introduction of these collateral subjects, may possibly impart additional interest to this volume.
  • The proposition was to limit the law of inheritance, and substitute the heirship of the state for all collateral heirs.
  • In a few instances some collateral advantages are also obtained but, in general, no other object is aimed at or secured.
  • His answer to these objections, and some collateral arguments by which he endeavours to support his theory, are too long to be here introduced.
  • There was indeed a whole brood of collateral issues to be left in convenient obscurity, but the central questions must not be shirked.
  • Yet, in a larger view of the case, its collateral advantages are of even greater moment than its mere profits.
  • For property, or at least possession and appropriation, is the dominant idea, with its collateral and sequent principles.
  • He talked about second mortgages, collateral on personal property, appointment of local agents, etc.
  • At the same time, they launched a collateral attack upon those members of Parliament who actively encouraged petitioning.
  • Lastly, and this is a very weighty collateral reason, such a method enables me to show you many things, besides the art of drawing.
  • I do not, however, in my assumption that works of art are treasures, take much into consideration this collateral monetary result.
  • When that is found to be the case, the last five heads may be adopted as collateral studies, and pursued simultaneously with the first three.
  • He knew Royson and was sure that he shielded himself behind some collateral fact, not behind the main truth.
  • Its present bulk, embracing all the collateral family branches, is estimated by some authorities at about $300,000,000.
  • The history which belongs to his discovery of the collateral aid of Badcock, is curious and amusing; but can have no place here.
  • Cotton, it will readily appear, is an entirely different sort of collateral from clocks, or some specialty in which the market may vary widely.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Collateral | Collateral Sentence

  • But enough upon this collateral point.
  • But such collateral phenomena are not the point at issue.
  • Title-deeds are taken as collateral security.
  • Of this collateral branch, all had died out.
  • I, therefore, supplied that collateral evidence.
  • His nearest surviving collateral relation is the Hon.
  • The collateral branches, too, have been fully investigated and inserted.
  • What I do object to is the kind of collateral the banks demand.

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