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  • Collection and collation are not enough.
  • Collection and Catalogue No.
  • There was only one collection and one delivery of letters daily!
  • Be a cool purpose and a less collection and more smell more smell.
  • The binder runs his needle through a collection, and the book is made.
  • Uncle Strahan was very fond of that collection, and very proud of it.
  • And I want you to show me round this collection and give me a few notions.
  • Collection and application of Customs and Excise duties in Ireland.
  • Crandall's collection, and the ground color is a delicate shade of blue.

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  • He is the life of the collection, and will survive the severest trials of heat and cold.
  • This is inverted during collection, and thus prevents much dirt falling into the latex.
  • The oldest one in the collection, and one having a special interest of its own, is dated 1530.
  • This is one of the finest specimens in the collection, and, as shown by the cut, Fig.
  • The Duke afterwards bought the collection and paid Rubens ten thousand pounds in gold for it.
  • So a collection and study of the following songs is certainly not out of place on a program got up by this society.
  • Each family tries to outdo the others in its collection, and in the ancient appearance of the hoard.
  • The seller knew perfectly well that the picture did not come from that collection and that the buyer was acting under a delusion.
  • This is the only specimen of the kind in the collection, and the only one found where the pestle combines the cup with it.
  • There were then about ten thousand volumes in the collection, and many of these consisted of broken sets.
  • I suppose that you will be thinking of returning soon with your magnificent collection and still grander mental materials.
  • He was like the man who gave half a crown at a collection, and regretted it all his life afterwards.
  • They have no means of consigning merchandise at the domicile, so that the consignees are put to enormous expense for collection and delivery.
  • One of the choristers went round the nave making a collection, and the coppers chinked one after the other on the silver plate.
  • The two offices of memory are collection and distribution; by one images are accumulated, and by the other produced for use.
  • I have seen your collection, and, for one who has had no means to speak of, you have done exceedingly well.
  • To the present Editor the collection and annotation of these Remains has been a most welcome labour of love.
  • Prince Albert laughed heartily at the cartoon, added it to his collection, and worked all the harder for the exposition.
  • He did have a fine collection and Jim examined the different ones carefully, noting their action and how easily they worked.
  • But the whole batch is a memorable collection; and it shows, rather exceptionally, the singular originality and variety of the novel at this time.
  • Collection and administration of customs and excise may, on their demand, be left to the Lands for a reasonable transition period.
  • Collectors from far and near had seen this collection and had praised it in letters which Emil showed in an off-hand way to the eager fish expert.
  • One of the most important and most practical problems with which it will be necessary to deal is that of the treatment of property and the collection and administration of the revenues.
  • One of the most important and most practical problems with which the commander of the expedition will have to deal is that of the treatment of property and the collection and administration of the revenues.
  • And if, on inspection, the specimen acquired proved to be not the one sought, I should have to add it to the collection and rebait the trap.
  • The participants had taken up a collection and purchased watermelon, ice cream, cake, pie, bread, and meat for the feast.
  • I think it quite the best of the English collection, and a volume which the earlier Kipling might have been proud to sign.
  • In this fashion the contributions had increased to three times the bulk of the original collection, and the difficulties of selection were augmented in proportion.
  • These laws were primarily concerned with the collection and charging of fees, but also provided for the censure of the physician or surgeon neglecting his patient.
  • Had he been the plaintiff in an action for criminal libel, greater industry in the collection and the fabrication of personal details could hardly have been displayed.
  • Then only six individuals met to discuss the advisability of organizing a branch here; to-day we have a large collection and a good attendance at the meetings.
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