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  • The three first-mentioned are named collectively the sacred Trayi, or the Triad.
  • I want the sheets of 'Sir B.' collectively from the part where the last missive ended.
  • Individually and collectively man is proving and penetrating into the reality of outer and inner conditions.
  • Neither do this people appear to be of one stem; but collectively a better race than any from which they are derived.
  • I answer that the blame of having bungled the whole business belongs collectively to all the great and puissant bodies.
  • They were collectively to be hosts, and whoever crossed the doorstep on the night was to be received without prejudice and with all honour.
  • They covered the soil with verdure, and all collectively "made living beings of many kinds.
  • Thus the cupboard might be three feet five inches, and the drawers collectively two feet seven inches.
  • All causes, social and natural, combine to make it unlikely that women should be collectively rebellious to the power of men.
  • And then he was agnostic in everything, and Isham's collectively believed in almost everything.
  • It can hold them collectively responsible, as some Indians themselves recommend for crimes perpetrated by youths whom they have helped to pervert.
  • The fallacy of "division" is the converse of this, where what is true of a term used collectively is inferred to be true of its several parts.
  • But Sally never tries to refrigerate her with the Spitzbergen glare which she uses on us collectively when she goes to the theater.
  • Yet it has become collectively accepted by all the leading nations, and the ordinary man has so entirely accepted it that he cannot be brought to reason about it.
  • Both individually and collectively we got them to draw charts of the various coasts known to them, and to mark upon them the positions of the wrecks.
  • All the prizes of the festival, were settled by the givers of the feast, and they were reckoned in the programme collectively with their worth in silver.
  • In these animals the Vertebrates make the nearest approach to the lower domains of the animal kingdom, collectively known as Invertebrates.
  • These may be collectively described as the right to organize and to use their organized strength collectively in all ways which may be reconciled with the public interest.
  • The rights of the landholders are theirs collectively and, though they almost always have a more or less perfect partition of them, they never have an entire separation.
  • What has been noted in the foregoing as to the objective (singular) is also applicable to situations where such an objective involves two or more objectives collectively considered.
  • Though he seems to consider these languages as allied, he gives no indication that he believes them to collectively represent a family, and he made no formal family division.
  • He therefore urged her to relate the circumstances to which she alluded; in other words, to explain how this letter addressed collectively to her three cousins came to be written.
  • They came to her cabin singly and collectively at all hours of day or night, during her absence or during her presence, and they never failed to leave something behind them.
  • As the original model, or prototype, is of a date anterior to 1536, they may be considered collectively notwithstanding the apparent later date of some of them.
  • The reader should remember that he also is in the habit of regarding such heterogeneous things as axes, scissors, and knives as children of the same family by referring to them collectively as cutting tools.
  • Shanklin kept the score of loss and gain a little in his own favor, as he was able to do from his years of practice, while still leaving the impression among the players that collectively they were cleaning him out.
  • Though they may not be as highly skilled as are the fitters individually, collectively they form a much more imposing and vigorous body, and one that is far more essential to the absolute needs of the firm.
  • There is no one rule of etiquette that can be described as absurd or ridiculous, arbitrary or tyrannical, and taken collectively the rules are but social obligations due from one person to another.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Collectively | Collectively Sentence

  • Individually and collectively they are rotten.
  • They are collectively symbolized by the triangle.
  • He disliked the whole gathering collectively and in detail.
  • Ale was brewed at church from malt brought collectively by the people.
  • The members taken individually are subjects; collectively governors.
  • Supposing the Africans, collectively and individually, to expend 5l.
  • Yet how can Arminians pray our Church prayers collectively on any day?
  • Next came the two young men whom Mrs. Flushing called collectively the Hirsts.

Definition of Collectively

in a collective manner; viewed together as a whole; to be treated as a single unit, rather than the items that make up the collection separately.
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