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  • But the colleges are in part to blame.
  • The colleges compete among themselves.
  • So in many ways are the colleges meeting the need.
  • Learn to give Money to colleges while you live.
  • The so-called "Land Grant" colleges (1862).
  • That book spreads the pall of superstition over the colleges and schools.
  • They have well-equipped schools and colleges all over India.
  • Agricultural colleges have been in existence in America almost fifty years.
  • The Latin unmixed is abandoned to the colleges and Parliament.
  • And in the colleges of Trinity or Magdalen preferably to all others.
  • The Elective Colleges are summoned to meet on December 21; 4.
  • Chapter XLIX Churches and colleges of Manila Royal chapel 543.

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  • Our agricultural colleges have been criticized because they have graduated so few farmers.
  • The best that can be said of our colleges is that they are in a state of transition.
  • But the strongest agricultural colleges today have pride in just such a purpose.
  • The tone of colleges and of scholars and of literary society has this mortal air.
  • We want more and better training colleges for native teachers, but that is not all.
  • It was much easier to multiply schools and colleges than to train a competent teaching staff.
  • We naturally look to our colleges for the evidences of learning, of enlightenment and culture.
  • As late as 1795 these colleges contained 478 students, and some of them are still in existence.
  • The agricultural colleges also offer shorter courses of college grade, perhaps of two years.
  • Of the other colleges 16 have only one European professor, 21 only two, and so forth.
  • It is part of a larger scheme, other colleges in connexion being at Hurstpierpoint and Ardingly.
  • That minority of critics did not realize the fact that colleges and universities cannot make great men.
  • Many of the colleges for men are open to them; now, and the capitulation of those strongholds of conservatism.
  • Our colleges easily conforming in their youthful and supple energy, have met the demands of the age.
  • In somewhat more than half the states, the authorities of the land-grant colleges have charge of the work.
  • Other educational agencies, such as the agricultural colleges and experiment stations, have profited by institutes.
  • While some of these priestly colleges exercised large powers, these powers were always regarded not as inherent but deputed.
  • Not only that, but nearly all the colleges give special winter courses of from ten days to fourteen weeks.
  • That is a reason why two boys of the same village will go to different colleges because they can then "swap" notes.
  • We may now try to answer the question we started with, as it presents itself to many a student in the agricultural colleges of our country.
  • We have only to convert our colleges into universities, our college instructors into professors after the German model.
  • Numbers went to seek the education forbidden at home in a multitude of Irish colleges founded abroad.
  • So, too, our colleges are provided, over and above the various dead languages of their classic curriculum, with the two tongues.
  • But schools and colleges are not the product of the elemental forces of Nature: they are distinctively the work of man as a free agent.
  • We have seen it on the Campus here at Yale, as other men have seen it in all the colleges and universities of the land.
  • I was talking about this about a month ago with a distinguished Indian who is in close touch with schools and colleges in Bengal.
  • What prizeman in Hypothetics at any of our Colleges of Unreason can compare with some of these machines in their own line?
  • The editors have been fortunate in associating with themselves a notable number of distinguished contributors from many universities and colleges in this country and abroad.

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plural of college
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